TVC:SILVER   CFDs on Silver (US$ / OZ)
Silver has signalled the next big rally with today's confirmation.
This is derived from the left arrow showing firstly the breakout and the second arrow
bouncing off the downaward trendline, or also known as a kiss back.

There have been multiple candles bouncing off the 4hr chart and now we have today's surge.
Also, the downward wedge pattern since February has been broken.

These technical signals are over 80% accurate...not guaranteed, but very likely to surge up.
We have finished a minor wave 4 down and now wave 5 up has started.

This will be dramatic and take silver beyond $30 and into perhaps the mid thirties at least.

Those shorts will fuel the rally.

A low risk entry now will prove very profitable.

Good trading!


So far so good
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Fractal777 catzineco
@catzineco, Yes...high probability trade to go up and just getting started!