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Cannabidiol, or CBD , is the main non-psychotropic active ingredient in cannabis and hemp. In the United States, passage of the 2018 Farm Bill led the federal government to declassify hemp as a dangerous drug, opening the doors for states to implement regulatory programs overseeing legal hemp production and processing. As a result, the CBD-in-everything-you-can-imagine trend has launched into the stratosphere, with products ranging from beverages to beauty aids to edibles to tinctures either on the market or about to be introduced. CBD has gone mainstream, with celebrities and athletes extolling its benefits.
One company very active in the space is SinglePoint Inc . (OTCQB: SING). The technology holdings and investment company operates in a variety of business verticals, including solar power and mobile payment solutions. Over the past couple of years SinglePoint has been aggressively growing its presence in the cannabis industry overall, and specifically in the hemp/ CBD market.

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Flagship CBD Portal, and Much More

Launched in 2017, SinglePoint's e-commerce site offers a wide variety of both in-house and third-party products ranging from topical creams to enhanced water to dog treats to vape cartridges. SinglePoint is actively growing the selection through its own product development efforts as well as through distribution partnerships with other brands.

To complement these efforts, the company operates a manufacturing facility in Carlsbad, California. The licensed factory provides formulation and production services for multiple brands, developing products both for its own SingleSeed brand as well as for partners on a white-label basis. Strategically located between Los Angeles and San Diego, the facility serves the world's largest legal cannabis market (California) as well as the broader and recently-legalized national CBD market.

Expansion into the facility came as a result of SinglePoint's 2017 acquisition of DIGS, an online, retail, and cannabis consulting company based in California. Carey Haas, DIGS CEO , recently stated that "Developing and manufacturing finished goods for clients of all sizes has been our key to success. With low minimum quantity orders, we are able to work with small clients and scale with them as they grow. Offering hemp topicals, lotions and vape pods and much more we are able to fulfill a vast array of services for clients. In just the last 60 days, we have moved into a larger facility, taken over $50,000 in orders, and acquired clients looking to increase production and reorder additional products."

SinglePoint recently ensured consistent supply of high quality hemp for CBD processing through an agreement with hemp and CBD-isolate supplier JMSJ Holdings. The company also announced a deal to be the master distributor for a line of hemp CBD 'cigarettes' called Pure Hemp. SinglePoint aims to leverage its extensive distribution relationships as well as CEO Greg Lambrecht's history with Premium Cigars International, an online and direct marketer of fine tobacco products he led to an IPO .

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Complementary Initiatives

Early in SinglePoint's history, the company launched payment processing services into the burgeoning legal cannabis industry. That initial effort showed a lot of promise but ran into too many regulatory roadblocks to make it practical at such an early stage of the industry's development. The company sees more opportunity now and is refocusing its payments and merchant services offerings in the cannabis and hemp spaces, alongside a variety of other retail business verticals. Developing these accounts could complement SinglePoint's product distribution efforts by establishing trusted relationships with retailers in the space.

SinglePoint is also investigating the introduction of its highly successful Direct Solar model into the cannabis cultivation space. With high electricity costs among the biggest concerns for cannabis producers, the company sees a natural fit with small-scale solar operations. Direct Solar also has financing capabilities, making it as easy as possible for commercial customers to make the leap into solar.

Covering the Bases

SinglePoint is an investment company with disparate holdings, but there are definitely connectors amongst its businesses as they relate to the cannabis and hemp industries. The company offers equipment and consulting to growers, formulation and production of hemp-derived products, distribution through its online portal as well as through brick and mortar sites, its own retail product lines, and merchant services to retailers. That sort of comprehensive, vertically-integrated presence in the hemp CBD and cannabis world has been SinglePoint's goal for some time. Through a flurry of recent developments, it is becoming clear the company is executing on all fronts in the high growth world of legal hemp and cannabis products. Stay tuned for further developments…

About SinglePoint , Inc.

SinglePoint , Inc (SING) is a technology and investment company with a focus on acquiring companies that will benefit from the injection of growth capital and technology integration. The company portfolio includes mobile payments, ancillary cannabis services and blockchain solutions. Through acquisitions into horizontal markets, SinglePoint is building its portfolio by acquiring an interest in undervalued companies, thereby providing a rich, diversified holding base.

Recent SinglePoint key highlights include:

A joint venture with Smart Cannabis Corporation (OTC: SCNA) to license and market Smart Cannabis’ SMART APP. SMART APP enables cannabis growers to measure all aspects of cultivation, from soil nutrient levels to watering cycles and carbon dioxide content in the air. SMART APP will integrate SinglePoint’s bitcoin payment solution to enable growers to process safer and more secure transactions.
A joint venture with Global Payout (OTC: GOHE) will build on existing financial technology solutions developed by SinglePoint and Global Payout’s subsidiary MoneyTrac Technology, Inc. , to fully optimize the delivery of mobile payment applications for domestic and international organizations.
A joint venture with AppSwarm (OTC: SWRM ) to start development on a proprietary delivery application that will enable licensed cannabis delivery services and licensed dispensaries to safely make in-home cannabis deliveries.
Signed original “Shark Tank” member Kevin Harrington as company spokesman for an innovative, compatible virtual wallet to store any type of cryptocurrency. Harrington recently finished shooting a new national ad campaign featuring SinglePoint and the virtual wallet’s secure method of storing cryptocurrencies.
Entered into a letter of intent to acquire 100 percent of Bitcoin Beyond, a premier platform that enables merchants to accept bitcoin payments using existing web-enabled point-of-sale devices.
Through SING subsidiary, SingleSeed, the company will soon offer a proprietary cryptocurrency solution that links both cannabis merchants and consumers who seek to take advantage of bitcoin-powered transactions using debit and credit cards. In addition to making bitcoin-backed card purchases possible, the solution enables cannabis dispensaries to digitally track and manage their product inventories, performing tasks like uploading product data, photos and descriptions. The system deducts items automatically from a dispensary’s product listings when a purchase is made. While this fully KYC-AML compliant point-of-sale platform can be utilized for any other retail setting, it will fill a critical need in the underbanked cannabis industry as it continues to seek non-cash payment solutions outside of traditional banking circles.
SinglePoint CEO and founder Greg Lambrecht leads the company in its mission to capture opportunities through an aggressive expansion strategy across a broad range of assets. Lambrecht oversees all company operations including investor relations, leadership of the board of directors, and daily business activities. As the founder of PCI , a leading consumer product distribution company, Lambrecht negotiated agreements with the nation’s largest retail outlets and led PCI through a NASDAQ listed IPO , raising $10 million.

Eric Lofdahl, SinglePoint’s chief technology officer, has more than 20 years of experience in the technology sector including positions in software development, program management, complex system integration and engineering process definition. Prior to SinglePoint , Lofdahl worked at the Boeing Company where he led a team that successfully developed advanced wireless and satellite data products based on commercial technology for the U.S. Air Force.

SinglePoint President Wil Ralston is well known for his successful track record of building and maintaining great relationships with clients. Ralston graduated cum laude from the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University with a degree in Global Agribusiness and a specialization in Professional Golf Management. He is currently recognized by the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) as a Class A Professional.

SING Doubles Revenue This Quarter

The Company recently reported that it has more than doubled revenue from the same period last year, from $311,237 in 2018 to $856,859 in 2019.

News of this growth should hit the Street by storm, and this $0. 01 alert trading on the OTQCB could see its share price increase significantly!

In addition to the bullish Q2 numbers, an interview with the Company’s CEO Greg Lambrecht will air on The RedChip Money Report television program. The interview will air today, on Bloomberg International, available in 149 million homes across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Check local listings for times in your area.
In the exclusive interview, Lambrecht discusses the company’s rapidly expanding solar business segment and recent developments in the high-growth CBD space.

To view the interview segment, please visit:

SING Product Lines

Payment Processing

Every business is unique. SinglePoints solutions are designed to meet your specific needs. From Restaurants to Gas Stations and e-commerce stores we are here to work with you on designing the solution that fits you best.

Below are some of the most common types of processing. Don’t worry if you don’t see your business type we can work with any business including High-Risk!!


This is when a customer is making a purchase face-to-face. Customers physically hand you their credit card and you swipe the card to start purchase transaction. Retail is typically the safest way to process transactions. This merchant type usually has the lowest Interchange rates of all six business types listed here.

Retail with Tip

This is the same as retail however the service you provide may have to option to include a tip. Examples are salons, quick serve coffee shops, and more.


Still a card present transaction just as retail is. The difference is that instead of paying up-front, customers are billed at the end. Servers can swipe the card at their point of sale machine and then come back later to adjust the amount to include a tip once the customer has signed the receipt.


MOTO stands for Mail Order/Telephone Order. With this type of account your most likely do not see customers face to face. Expect higher rates as there is more room for error and fraud. However, our partners have security features in place for you, to help keep your processing costs low, such as fields to enter additional information to authenticate the transaction.

Internet / E-Commerce

Selling a product or service online? This is the account for you. Integrate with multiple shopping carts or utilize and API to tie into your own custom shopping cart. Customers will input their information to make the purchase. Your business will receive this order and payment and your ready to take the next steps in getting that customer their purchase.


A New Wave of Energy

SinglePoint has teamed up with Direct Solar to provide the most cost effective solar power systems for any needs. Currently serving, Arizona, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso , and South East New York for residential, commercial and municipal services.

Save money, save energy and receive more predictable energy costs through Solar. Energy costs can skyrocket at much as 300% during peak months and hours. Solar will reduce your need for on grid electricity and provide savings for your home and business.

Solar is Easy!

Our partner Direct Solar handles all the paperwork, permits, system requirement and everything in between. From call to install we will be there for you resulting in clean, hassle-free renewable energy for your home.

Zero money down
No upfront costs
FREE Installs
State / Federa incentives
SAVE MONEY on energy bills !!!
Text Marketing

Mobile Message Made Easy

Messaging – SinglePoint enables companies to send messages seamlessly to all mobile subscribers at one time. Easily send notifications, deals, coupons and even send a request for payment!

SMS – Commonly known as text messaging can send 160 character basic messages to your customers instantly.

High Open Rate
Reports show 99% of text messages are opened

Cross Device
All device support text. Consumers can receive text message no matter what device is being used

Used Daily
Text messaging is engrained in daily life. No need to download a new app.

Reports show that 90% of text message are opened within three minutes of being sent.

SING In The News:

SinglePoint Subsidiary Direct Solar Inks Partnership Agreement with My Home Group. An Inc. 500s’ Fastest Growing Company Five Years and Counting
SinglePoint (SING) is pleased to announce, subsidiary, Direct Solar, has signed a partnership agreement with My Home Group Real Estate, LLC., the #1 fastest growing residential real estate brokerage in Arizona, the 2nd fastest in the nation, and has been named “A fastest growing company” by Inc 500 five years in a row.

You can Listen to the Press Release here:

Watch Video Here

Direct Solar is currently averaging approximately 120 signed solar contracts a month. This partnership has the potential to significantly increase the current monthly rate over the next four to six months as the integration and training takes place. Direct Solar will be training each participating agent and provide certificates to agents that go through Direct Solar’s training program. This program will train and educate agents to be knowledgeable in the solar sector to work with homeowners that are interested in solar.

See Original Release Here

“This partnership is a huge win for Direct Solar; we believe this will be mutually beneficial for My Home Group and Direct Solar. The two company’s collaborating together will provide homeowners with the best service in real estate transactions followed by the best service in solar services. It is a match made for success. Management believes this could double the amount of monthly closed transactions. We are excited to see the success that comes out of this relationship,” states Greg Lambrecht CEO of SinglePoint .

Direct Solar of America manages the end-to-end solar process for the consumer from finding the best and most affordable solar option, simple financing options at competitive rates, and ensuring complete installation satisfaction. Direct Solar of America safeguards the entire process of installation, to deliver the easiest and most expedient experience of switching to solar energy for the consumer when they need it, where they need it, and at the best price.

With this new partnership, over 2300 My Home Group Agents can provide alternative energy options for homeowners that are eco-conscious, searching for cleaner and alternative fuel systems, looking to reduce their reliance on the grid, and the search to reduce the burden of higher and higher utility bills.

According to the U.S. Solar Market Insight Report by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), in Q1 2019, the U.S. solar market surpassed 2 million installations – just three years after the market surpassed the 1 million installation milestone . The industry is expected to hit 3 million installations in 2021 and 4 million installations in 2023. This is a result of increased demand by consumers due to reduced installation costs as well as increasing environmental awareness which is driving the adoption of cost-efficient alternative and renewable forms of energy over conventional energy sources.

“To be competitive in today’s residential market, real estate professionals need to provide a best-in-class service to buyers providing more options during the buying process,” according to Aaron Pierson, Chief Marketing Officer. “This partnership enables homeowners to invest in upgrading the value of their homes immediately and make a long-term commitment to sustainability. This will enable our real estate professionals the flexibility to recommend solutions to the clients that want answers before the close on their new residence.”

To learn more about Direct Solar of America’s residential and commercial solutions, visit or call 844.850.5909. For more information about buying or selling a home or becoming a real estate agent visit

About Direct Solar

Direct Solar is a subsidiary of SinglePoint Inc , a technology and acquisition company. (OTCQB: SING). Direct Solar America is a solar energy brokerage with more than 3,500 home installations, which has enabled residential solar customers to shop for options in order to find the best option for the home. Like Rocket Mortgage or Lending Tree, Direct Solar representatives provide homeowners with a variety of financing and service providers; this has made the process of buying solar much easier for homeowners. Direct Solar is operational in eight states and continues to expand its residential solar footprint. Direct Solar Commercial serves customers that own and/or manage commercial properties. Along with Direct Solar Capital, an alternative energy financing solution, commercial projects have access to $50,000 to $3 million in funding for solar installations.

About My Home Group

My Home Group is in the business of building businesses. Founded in 2005 by Jereme Kleven and Mark Hutchins with humble beginnings, MHG has since given thousands of agents the platform to grow a real business through a culture of accountability and a collaborative environment.

Today, MHG is the #1 fastest growing residential real estate brokerage in Arizona, the 2nd fastest in the nation, and has been named “A fastest growing company” by Inc 500 five years in a row. With over 13,000 transactions closed each month and upwards of 3 billion dollars in commissions paid in the first quarter of 2018, MHG is slated to dramatically change the industry as a whole. MHG has been featured in Inc 500, Forbes, GQ Magazine, Business Journal, The Wall Street Journal, FOX News, Inman, Realtor Magazine, and more.

For more information visit:

Connect with My Home Group:

SinglePoint Files Second Quarter Form 10-Q, Showing Major Revenue Increase Compared to Same Quarter in 2018

On August 15th, the Company announced that is has filed Form 10-Q for the quarterly period ending June 30th, 2019. The company has more than doubled revenue from the same period last year, from $311,237 in 2018 to $856,859 in 2019.

“We are very excited about the growth and path we are on. This is another step in the right direction for SinglePoint . We look forward to showing an even larger increase in Q3 as we will have the addition of Direct Solar projects that have closed and been funded. Everyone in the company has done a wonderful job and it's showing in the growth of revenue and number of opportunities being presented.” – Wil Ralston, President, SinglePoint

You can find the full report here:

Shareholder Update

SinglePoint Inc . (SING) provides shareholder update on key company initiatives. SinglePoints most recent acquisition, Direct Solar, has been a major success having the largest weekend in contracts closed to date. Direct Solar is fundamentally changing SinglePoint’s underlying structure and building a solid financial base for the company to continue growth and acquisitions. Direct Solar has exceeded expectations, growing quickly and providing opportunities such as commercial solar applications and renewable energy financing options.

Direct Solar enables residential solar customers to shop their options in order to find the best option for the home. Similar to Rocket Mortgage or Lending Tree, Direct Solar representatives are able to provide homeowners with a variety of financing and service providers. This has made the process of buying solar much easier for homeowners which has led to a quick increase in the company’s overall growth. After only 60 days the company has contracted more than $3,000,000 in residential solar contracts.

“The traction we have experienced so far has been amazing. We are thrilled for the achievements we have accomplished and are looking forward to continually improving. We are now exploring ways to generate additional sales through innovative marketing strategies. I’m confident we will hit $15,000,000 in 2020,” states Pablo Diaz CEO Founder of Direct Solar.

Expanding their reach, Direct Solar has attracted the attention of lenders interested in financing renewable energy applications. Previously there were few options for lending to commercial operations in this space. For a lender to find a project, vet the opportunity, and make a decision to fund or not, is a long and labor-intensive process. Direct Solar provides a unique solution for lenders, building owners, and management. For lenders, Direct Solar is providing vetted projects with vetted services providers. Lenders simply provide Direct Solar their list of requirements in order to fund a project and receive only those fitting within that scope . For commercial customers, Direct Solar provides a one-stop shop in which businesses can apply for and receive financing for their project once approved.

Direct Solar has built processes to scale the company quickly, vet new opportunities and move on those that make sense without sacrificing the company’s core offering. With dozens of reps covering eight states, Direct Solar is quickly becoming a leader in the space. The solar brokerage model has quickly proven itself to be a major need in the market.

Always innovating, SinglePoint and Direct Solar are exploring ways to streamline the purchase even further. The companies are currently working on an application that would enable customers to shop their solar online and get a quote. From there the customer could schedule a site visit to finalize the purchase. Through education, technology and customer service, Direct Solar looks to lead the next wave of renewable energy solutions.

Since 2014 SinglePoint has been providing ancillary solutions and investing or acquiring companies that provide solutions to Hemp and Cannabis businesses. From payment processing to white label manufacturing, SinglePoint has provided a service throughout the whole supply chain. Most recently the company has focused in on its hemp-derived CBD offerings. SingleSeed, the company’s consumer facing CBD brand has been steadily increasing sales through its ecommerce site Over the past six months, VP of Sales Don Smith, has increased the reach of SingleSeed, distributing the products sold on the site. Currently the company is working on distribution agreements to bring hemp derived CBD products to retail shelves. Management sees this as the catalyst that will drive additional online sales, as well as serve to increase orders for wholesale.

“The size of the industry is astounding; we have been presented with more opportunities to vet and qualify than we could potentially explore. For this reason, we have focused on sales and distribution of hemp-derived products. We will continue to find niche products to distribute into the market, building value for our clients and profit for the company,” states Don Smith VP of Sales with SinglePoint .

As SingleSeed's reach has grown, the company has opened opportunities to manufacture products for consumers. Approximately 30 days ago the company, through subsidiary DIGS, leased an additional property in Carlsbad, California to manufacture and distribute products. They are creating products ranging from hemp topicals to tinctures and capsules for clients, delivering a finished, shelf-ready product. From raw materials to finished product, SingleSeed can provide customers with a vast array of products and services.

“Developing and manufacturing finished goods for clients of all sizes has been our key to success. With low minimum quantity orders, we are able to work with small clients and scale with them as they grow. Offering hemp topicals, lotions and vape pods and much more we are able to fulfill a vast array of services for clients. In just the last 60 days, we have moved into a larger facility, taken over $50,000 in orders, and acquired clients looking to increase production and reorder additional products,” states CEO of DIGS, Carey Haas.

Returning to their roots, SinglePoint has once again begun to focus on payments and merchant services. The company is looking at onboarding businesses of all types, including high risk ventures such as cannabis and hemp, auto mechanic shops, and restaurants. Leveraging highly talented experts in the industry, SinglePoint has been able to acquire dozens of new merchants in the last 45 days. The company is now building strategy around bringing in additional contractors in order to scale the merchant services team quickly.

“Last month our team onboarded more new accounts than any other independent agent in the nation. It is exciting to be back in the payments industry with a strong set of professionals to support and develop the growth. Payment processing provides great monthly cash residual as well as increased book value in the event SinglePoint opts to sell. We look forward to scaling this division and generating net profit for SinglePoint ,” states President of SinglePoint , Wil Ralston.

From ecommerce payments to countertop payment terminals, SinglePoint provides merchants with an integrated streamlined solution to accepting payments. In some cases, SinglePoint is able to provide merchants with an option that completely eliminates transaction fees.

“I want to thank all of our shareholders for being part of SinglePoint as we continue to grow. It is important to us to keep every shareholder informed and updated. This is a pivotal year for SinglePoint to take the next step. With all the success we’ve had, management has decided to streamline efforts for generating revenue. We have decided to close JAG, as it did not show the same promise and scalability that the above three business have. By narrowing our focus, I believe we can make tremendous strides over the next 9-12 months. Again, thank you for being a part of SinglePoint ,” states Greg Lambrecht CEO SinglePoint .

The Bottom Line

SING offers investors the perfect mix two of the hottest sectors on Wall St . at the moment, Crypto and CBD .

The Company has doubled its revenue this quarter, and we are extremely confident that its rapid growth will continue.

SING's chart is also trending bullish at the moment, and we are betting that it's share price will see a significant move in the very near future.

(*Remember to use a Stop-Loss Order or basic Limit Order to protect your gains, as well as limit possible losses.)

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