SIRI bull flag breakout, triple to

NASDAQ:SIRI   Sirius XM Holdings Inc
SIRI looks like it's formed a bull flag which it's about to break out of. SIRI's fundamentals look pretty good. Analysts are recommending to buy it. $6 is a natural support/resistance , and it has snuck above it a couple of times.

I'm planning on entering in with a medium size position at $6.00.
My risk is $5.85 (2.5%). I'm hoping for it to go up to around $6.70, which is about 11%.
Comment: SIRI closed above both previous highs. Looks promising
Comment: The election has made everything a mess today. I'm going to try to sell some at $6.25
Comment: I sold about half of my position at $6.25.
I need to learn to hodl through these small retracements. I keep getting stopped out.
Comment: Sold some more at $6.40
Trade closed: target reached: I'm all out now


You're right it has made everything a mess. But I was still thinking about buying in the long postition, I already missed my entry though.
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