SLNO: $3.81 Threshold, $4 Short; $10 Long Target

NASDAQ:SLNO   Soleno Therapeutics, Inc
First off, please don't take anything I say as financial advice or seriously. As always, this is on opinion based basis. Investors have recently been quite bullish on SLNO despite not that impressive finances given its phase in clinical trials, and its retracement of the previous price correlation prior to its crash. I for once actually agree and am bullish as well for a buy target setting a short at $4 considering it quickly passes that $3.81 price point which I think it might very soon. Overall for a short it has a +21% potential, and for long you have an over 200%+ potential. It is up to Soleno to see how it performs. The analyst + me could still just all be dreamers given this is at least a medium to high risk stock.