SNDL and ACB approaching Golden Cross

NASDAQ:SNDL   Sundial Growers Inc
Merger Outlook in my eyes - SNDL and ACB are both approaching Golden Crosses on the daily timeframe (50 MA and 200 MA). The Motley fool just publush an article about SNDL and a possible merger. None of the other Cannabis company are approaching this same technical pattern, leading me to the possibility that SNDL and ACB may be merger soon. Please do your homework, this is not investing advice, just an observation.

Best trading to everyone :)


I am good with either SNDL or ACB merging with each other or somewhere else, both will definitely pump in the coming days or weeks.
hi thanks for the info, but i heard alot of rumors about meger either with CGC or ACB. Where did all these come from? and how certain are we about the merger?
CHART_GUYY raymondlc10423
@raymondlc10423, I am putting together the dots from the charts. I have only heard speculation, but the charts leave clues. Another thing to consider is all of the debt consolidation SNDL is undergoing. Companies usually consolidate debt to become attractive for mergers. Best trading