NYSE:SNOW   Snowflake Inc
I have been watching snow since it’s been recovering from the sell off it had about a month ago.

Anyway, I have been trading a lot of intraday bounces and my prediction of QCOM yesterday was similar to this.

Nothing fancy just a bounce play that was confirmed with the level 2 data.

I always look through the order book to get an idea of who is buying and selling, currently there is an order for about 1200 shares @251 which gives a lot more validity to my thesis that big money is buying this up.

The bold white line inside the purple rectangle is the area I identified as a demand zone - and where I plan on taking my position.

I plan on exiting when the order book tells me to get out but I expect a clean ten point run off the bounce.

I am new to trading so please bare with me if this isn’t up to par , I enjoy sharing ideas.