SNT - STATUS buy before this coin will go top100 again! 🚀

BINANCE:SNTBTC   Status / Bitcoin
SNT is on our golden altcoins list on long term. It is very good project, price is after nice correction it can be very good time to buy the dip. If price decide to go lower we will buy more. Our strategy says to buy in many parts - so If you are interested in this coin we advise to buy some now and then buy again later. Buying in many parts is perfect strategy to average the purchase price and minimize risk.

This coin was in top 100 in last days, we believe that it will back there soon and we will get huge profit.

🚀 This coin is on our golden long-term altcoins list. It may be very good project for long term investment.
❎ No TP for long-term investments. We can`t predict exact altcoins targets in long term, but thanks to our experience and glassnode we are able to predict exact bitcoin targets. Our long-term strategy is just to hold these altcoins until glassnode indicators will say us that we are close to end of bullrun. And then we will sell everything in 15% parts.
✅ Bullrun is easy. Just accumulate coins from our golden list (long) and play with our signals (short). Diversification is the key to success.

Join us and get to know our full strategy. Short, long, glassnode + info how to exit before bear market.

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