Ethereum terms apply. Do not rush.

FTX:SOLPERP   Solana Perpetual Futures
The domino effect applies.


We compared it to Ethereum . But Ethereum is not. Solana, Ethereum Classic, Neo, Ada,Dot, etc. as smart contracts.

They will leave it in the middle like a doge coin.
I will not let anyone else destroy the tower.
Me and my team will destroy it personally.

This pain is unbearable. It will not fall. It will crash.
Identify non-falling places. We're going to lower it.

Good luck with our new Doge coin.
Lots of gains.

Trading Cycle |Optimism.

Slowly, without fear.
without pain,
We're planning to explode it at once.

3 times more than in the past. We will enter such an open position. that there will be no such thing as Stop.

Is the decrease 10%, 15%, 20% or 25%? 50%? %80?

Let it rise, let's fall harder. Open your way up.
Get harder, get tougher.

If Ethereum goes down, don't pity any coin. (SHORT)
Fire Everything. (SHORT)
The fire is close to extinguish. Throw wood on the fire. (SHORT)
You saw that the fire was going out.(LONG)
This time, pour Water on the Fire. (LONG)
Plant Saplings in the Ashes. (LONG)