Two yellow pivot targets

Xcommand Updated   
I don't plan on buying again until the market price hits my pivot targets.
Purchased 50k the first time around and made a fortune.
When the market price gets close to my yellow pivots i will evaluate what will happen then.
Too many calculations to determine at the moment and too many global issues are going on to determine the future at the moment.
I will check back on this project in 6 months to see how its progressing.
Right now i don't see any reason to hold any crypto assets.
I wonder how many are still waiting with me. Its been 8 months since i posted this chart. The last dump of the bear market will hit one of my pivot lines 1.00 to 4.00 is a really good price to buy again for the real bottom of the bear market.
There is strong speculation spreading that Algorand has already been chosen for
X payment network of choice. Very smart choice by Elon Musk. Algorand is what Elon Musk inspires. Once this is verified algorand will be the top pick Token.
If you haven't joined the lawsuit against the SEC and Gary Gensler you should do it soon. If you had any losses from any investment over the SEC manipulation then you are entitled to damages. Gary Gensler saying something does not make it true and if exhchanges delisted tokens and you were forced to sell or move tokens that cost fees then you can also sue the exchange. Time to fight back against the accusers. Long term vs short term trades and taxes plays a big roll in the manipulation as well. You can add that into your loss for recovery of contracts you traded and held. Thousands of people believe the government was farming tax revenue for their budget spending. That is illegal and violates the prime direct of the SEC which is suppose to be protect investors. Lets see Since Gary Gensler took his role countless crypto assets lost over 90% value. I say that Gary Gensler and the SEC commited liability fraud and still to this day refuses to acknowledge any wrong doing. What is even more disturbing is the crypto market was doing just fine until the SEC got involved with enforcement actions and lawsuits. Why didn't crypto get a bailout after the SEC targeted crypto and caused so much loss to investors. They bailed out the bank run when everyone when getting cash from the banks and they found more fraud with the banks than with crypto. Make a stand crypto community and put the pressure back on the SEC of their wrong they have done against investors and crypto projects. Its been a struggle recovering and rebuilding but slowly but surely we will prevail.

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