Solano Moonshot came early! Leading Defi Summer

BINANCEUS:SOLUSD   Solana / U.S. Dollar
We could see a $150 Solano very very soon, only 24% away from the 461.80% fibonacci extension . $150 Solano would mean If Solana had a market cap of $43.0B, 1 SOL would be worth $150.00. Since the buy signal triggered on the 3rd August with the 13EMA crossing up above the 50 SMA , Solano has grown over 400% in the past month. We forecasted a $150 EOY target for #Solano, it looks like we could reach this target Early September. Defi summer is happening and Solano, Luna, and Avax are all leading the way. We can expect similar growth moves in Polygon (Layer 2) over the next few months and We believe Solano is only just getting started here. Happy Trading :)

Key Info on Solano:

It is evident that one of the most focal dilemmas that the blockchain sphere faces is the issue of scalability and slow transaction times; Solana aims to fix this vital issue that needs to be remedied. Boasting 60,000 transactions per second, one of the fastest blockchains in the world and growing, Solana has the team, the community and the resources to propel blockchain into the mainstream sphere of influence. This is a new era for blockchain technology, an era of transaction times that rival mainstream and antiquated methods of transaction validation and processing. Solana will be a project and network that will accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology. This is just the beginning.