SPCE - LONG - PRICE TARGET 31.72 - 32.75

NYSE:SPCE   Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc


Lots of technical confluence present in the 30m chart of SPCE . As you can tell in the chart, there is a big fat double-top which seems to have failed. This is your classic example of "what should happen, doesn't." (Peter Reznicek). This seems to be a common theme with SPCE latley, as you can see you had two previous 30m candle break below the trendline but price still continued upwards. When this occurs you should prepare to the exact opposite of what should've happened, in this case go long as the price should of went lower. In a solid double top , you should see the price break below on the second touch of the neckline. This is not the case as it broke out of a 30m balance zone to the upside, while also bouncing off the trendline indicating a bullish trend continuation. RSI is continuing upward. Also looks like you have people loading up long last minute with large volume on the last 30m of the day.

There's really two options here: The double top has failed, continues upward to form a triple top(more likely IMO), or it breaks all the way up to the top of the trendline. The only objection I have to the triple top is the volume profile shows that price has not stayed around that range for a long duration and it's possible it'lI gap up right past it Monday morning to get closer to the Point of Control. If a gap-up above 31.70 doesnt occur Monday, I plan on taking profits at the 31.70 mark as the price will likely quickly reverse if it does form a triple top. I will re-enter if the triple top fails at the 31.70 mark and set my stop slightly under and target the upper trendline at $32.75.

Thank you for your time, for the sake of increasing my own personal knowledge, while also sharing what i've learned so far, you can look forward to more of my technical analysis in the future. Weekends will be the days I will publish. I would like harsh criticism from any fellow traders, especially more experienced ones. Feel free to give me your thoughts. Thanks and have a happy Easter!!