NEW Opportunity to go into #SPCE

NYSE:SPCE   Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc
Getting rid of your FOMO is the key to making more money than your peers and I'm going to show you how.

Be honest.

How many of you chased the two pumps in SPCE ?

Statistically most of you.

How did I know that this spaceship was going to crash and burn in the short term?


History repeats itself and this was one hell of a history lesson.

At NTS we created unique techniques that HEAVILY revolve around psychology.

Why? Because we study people and people move the market.

YOU need to know this stuff so you can raise your status in life and finally demand some goddamn respect!

We have multiple testimonals, data and ideas to back this up. (We called the TSLA and BTC tops remember).

YOU are skeptical because you have been burned in the past or you have a fear of being burned in the future.

That is fear talking. An emotion that can be used as an energy enhancer not an energy drainer.

It is NOT your fault there are many scams out there but it is your fault if you fall for them.

With talks of amazon wanting to buy bitcoin volatility is increasing. Luckily for you we are on the way up but understand this, that train is leaving the station and time is running out.

I for one am sick of fake guru's because I was once in your shoes and now is the time to take the fight to them, by making stronger trades and leaving no doubt who is the best.

This chart will most likely turn bullish a lot lower around $10.

Why? Only one reason.

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