SP:SPX   S&P 500 Index
S&P 500 index , This is the stock market index and is made up of the 500 largest US publicly traded companies, now if you take the time to look at these companies individual stock charts like i have ( yes i have no life ) you will notice that recently some of them are in a downtrend, had a big fall or some are at or nearing all time highs so we could see some correction with the all time high stocks.

Now add into the mix that the US federal government is in $22 TRILLION of debt ( the largest debt the US has ever been in ) then add in the rising unemployment in the US 4% of the population ( 6.5 million people ) this only equals 1 thing.... A RECESSION IS COMING!!!

Now look at the chart, purple arrows are resistance which when hit last time saw a big market correction ( big drop ) Now price is coming back up to test this price again we can see another market correction on its way and where better to do this than at a previously really strong weekly resistance?

Circled in orange are all time highs, we cant see this been broken with all the information we have supplied in this analysis.

With weakness in the economy people normally run and buy gold so we could also see gold prices rise when we see a market correction, the US economy is like a bubble that is getting bigger and bigger and is ready to pop... if you are too blind to see this then more fool you.

So short the S&P and buy gold .... then laugh all the way to the closest yacht dealership ;p