Stock picks for 2023

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Hey everyone,

I thought I would do a fun little post about .. *Gasp* investments.

I know, who would’ve thought, stocks as investments? Nuts, right?!

But seriously, as a day trader who really just disdains swinging, I have actually slowly started to dip my toes back into the investment sphere. I also have a bit of a watch list of my top picks that I am slowly trying to accumulate. So I thought I would share those things that I am watching and give a brief little description of my thoughts on them.

Please keep in mind, this is not at all investment advice. The two things in life I have horrendous track record with and a general lack of insight into are relationships and growth stocks. I pick both of them very poorly.

But here it goes anyway. My top watches:


If you follow me, you will know I am a fan of aerospace tickers. BA is my top pick, but ERJ is one that I actually recently have bought some shares of. ERJ is a very serious contender and competitor for Airbus (OTC:EADSY) and Boeing (NYSE:BA). At under 15$ a share, to me it’s a steal for a company that has great potential and has already proven to be a reliable competitor to 2 behemoths (Airbus and Boeing).

Bombardier ( BOMBF or BBD.B )

On track with my aviation obsession, Bombardier is also a top pick for me. They are no longer doing the commercial plane stuff, but they are still producing business jets and do still have quite a big fleet of regional aircraft in service in Canada, the USA and Europe. They also are involved in rail transportation. They are traded on the OTC market in the US and the TSX in Canada. A solid foreign investment for non-Canadians and a solid local investment for Canadians in my opinion.

Canadian National Railway ( CNI or CNR )

This behemoth is a very solid investment, I can say that quite confidently. With it pretty much dominating the rail transportation business in North America, you really can’t go wrong. Great money flow, solid company that is constantly expanding, including buying other rail transportation companies in the US. Also, the chart is in a very interesting place. It has recently dropped below its 200 MA, but its on some pretty solid support.

Iridium ( IRDM )

I love this company. I first experienced them as a child on an Alaskan fishing trip with my father with their clunky af phones. Interestingly, the pone we used in the 90s look identical to their modern phones:

They have recently exploded as they have set their goal on introducing the IOT and expanding internet services. The concern of course is Starlink; however, the infrastructure for telecommunications (i.e. cellphones) is much different from internet and Starlink, and more specifically, Elon has not expressed any interest in trying to enter this market. It also would not be an economically feasible feat to transition the Starlink constellation to provide phone coverage in addition to internet coverage as the function is actually quite different. This is one of the reasons I presume we are seeing Irdium explode to the upside after years of being kind of neglected.

I am personally waiting for some pullback and will be a buyer.

Kraken Robotics ($TSX:PNG)

Release the KRAKKEN!

It’s a tiny little Canadian robotics company with huge potential. They specialize in deep sea robotics. They already hold multiple contracts with military institutions in Canada, Europe and the USA. And all for under 1$ CAD! They also are popular among deep sea oil companies.
I will be honest here, I do expect this company to probably be bought out by someone at some point because of their potential and their very niche and under-serviced area of expertise with their huge potential. But either way, definitely a company I see a future for. I have been a holder for some time on this company.


What can I say, I am a sucker for aviation and military stuff. And also, I can't have my absolute favourite stock Boeing without LMT. LMT goes without saying, it’s a solid investment. Its devoid of the market drama we see and it is in its own world. It’s a company that really doesn’t need an introduction. At a hefty price of over 400$ a share, its not a stock I would recommend to novice investors, but for those who want to invest in a sure thing, I think it’s a fair bet.



If you are a semi-long term follower you will know this is another stock I stan. And also proves that I sure can pick ‘em, with GNRC doing a whole lot of tanking in 2022 and a whole NOT lot of recovery. But it really seems to have bottomed at this point. It has been downgraded by analysts but its showing incredible resiliency. They predominately deal with generators and electrical stuff but have also recently introduced solar generation and an identical product to TSLA’s Powerwall that is already commercially available.

Pembina Pipeline ( PPL )

An oil/energy stock out of Canada. I like it because it pays 0.21C dividends each month (CAD). A solid investment for TFSA’s and RRSPs/IRAs that generate consistent dividend returns and is a solid company with solid fundamentals.

And that concludes my watchlist! Obviously there are others, but these are some of my favs. There are obviously some TSX tickers here and that is actually strategic. Throughout the 2022 decline, my TSX investments dropped, but my returns remained no less than 7% throughout the entire year and that Is with consistent contributions up until around 8 months ago when I halted temporarily. Regardless of whether you are Canadian or not, it is something to consider investing in foreign markets as a hedge against local markets. I personally invest in both TSX and NYSE equities for exactly the reason of 2022. Diversification of stocks is important, but its even better if you can diversify markets as well!
These are my thoughts. Again, not advice, just want to share my thoughts and some of my fav tickers.
Safe trades and safe investments to you all!


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