Rally Top

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TVC:SPX   S&P 500 Index
Massive blowoff move likely signals at or near another top. We have a three drives completing here near TL and just over the 200 DMA.

The usual bottoming behavior is to form an inverted H&S . Look for it. Would not load up on longs here near exhausted RSI IMO. GLTA
Probable Top near conjunction of speed lines, watch this, we at critical junction:

Peter doe NOT say we gonna break here, just it is a critical pivot point; IF price can break higher THEN it MAY move back towards ATH; failure here validates lower price projections. A very risky place to go long!
Looks like we got a spinning top, see if it forms a pinbar.
Big red candle Friday will nail the lid on this coffin.
Here it comes. Jobs report > Big Red Gap; gonna get engulfing and a pinbar.
Fun day! AMazing gapfill took ALL DAY. Flipped calls early on, then tanked & banked. Caught the EOD surge in SPX 0DTE calls, +300% $3 > $9 in the 4065c. Nuts!

Took my ill-gotten gains to the bank and loaded 10 QQQ/SPY puts eod for a Monday AM flush. GLTA!
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Picked up SPXS, just 200 to start EOD on the gapfill.
At that shining moment when SPX went Green by 0.50c, lol.
Hanging Man doji rather than bear engulfing, soon to follow imo.
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Second day of holiday sale! BUT candle today is ~ half of MOnday. DJI went -500, now -250. SPX went -85, now -45. Bear momentum nearing exhaustion.
Might get a bounce Weds.
The productivity index report at 0830 may favor stonks. May not. PPI Fri 9 Dec; CPI Tues 13D, FOMC Weds 14D.
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Well the bears are back. Going oversold EOD. Probably gonna pivot soon to a lower high.
Better bounce EOD than Monday. Bear's grip weakens.
Hope u closed ur shorts.