Long Term Sector Rotation

TVC:SPX   S&P 500 Index
SPX vs Major Sectors. I added IBB to cover Biotech.

Please comment. My understanding at this point is to stay in sectors which have good fundamentals and have been relative laggards. The 3 bottom ones at this point seem to be Financials, Technology and XLU / XLP .

Since utilities is a risk-averse sector, so in a pro-growth environment I may want to go with the other 3. XLB is like the coyote / fox from Mickey mouse that runs a few meters off the cliff thinking its still running on solid ground before realizing that there's nothing below it and then falls like a rock. Great if you can time it right.


interesting, could you label everything pls?
@AlbCM, labels are on top left. You may need to match the colors. IBB looks like a great short.
AlbCM iamajeya
@iamajeya, the idea of the chart is great, but it would be more convenient to see series names not their tickers. Yeah, biotech, IT, fin are all great to short.
@AlbCM, A great recommendation for TV to update code to show more details on ticker names. We usually tend to refer these ones by ticker symbols and most traders with about 2 years of experience know this XL bunch like the back of their hand. A trick for you: Click on Share icon, Click "make it mine". Then click on any line and it will make in Bold the ticker symbol and then just google that ticker symbol. Here's how I remember them
XLF = Financial
E = Energy
B = Basic Materials
V = WE = Healthcare
I = Industry
U = Utilities
Y = WHY ? = Discretionary
P = Produce = Staples
K = Tek = Technology
RE = you know what this means ..
AlbCM iamajeya
@iamajeya, ok, thanks. Looks like spx is going to peak this quarter. Best way to go is to short all the bs stuff such as biotech, IT, and fin.