S&P 500 Index P-Modeling Pt 2. Inert Cajuns of Quantum Strings

SP:SPX   S&P 500 Index
In order to see how I got here.. Please click on the Private Chart started in May. Let's take a walk on the wild side of the unknown for a minute.. Ponder this for a moment with me...

Start 2008.
End 2013

Invert 2008.
Amplify 2008-2013 Fractal by Cube.

Place 2013 till current.
McGyver the small details.

Insert random but no so random lines...

1924 Blow off top. Into a confirmed recession...

Que FA news. *Insert Big World News Here*
Fuel the fire.
Fuel the fear..
Do not fall for illusions..

No way I could be right honestly.. Crazy talk.

Or not?

Who knows..

Not I, said the Tortoise.

Stay Tuned for More!
A lot... more.

Thanks for Pondering the Unknown with me,
Trade active: 1 Day TF

Trade active: 3027 is key gap. Ideally we should see a 3k break at open or upon some juicy FA news.

I think we break for it at open.

This is step one of the 1924 blow off top.
Trade active: 3158 inc.

Trade active:
Trade active: Target 3156.

Probability : Extreme
Comment: Is SPX really about to do this now...


Trade active: slight shift of main fractals.

Trade active: We are going to 3160 today.

Massive Gap up candle at open.

Gigantic moves inc.

3400 will be very real after this.

Trade active: :) slow and steady wins the race.

Trade active: here we go baby. blow off top back in session.

Current 3091.4

Looking for 3210.
Trade closed: target reached: 3100.2!!

Trade active: If we hit that mean reversion, it will break skulls.

Trade active: 11.13.19
Trade active: SPX is about to blast super hard. Once we touch mean reversion its over. blow off top confirmed.

Trade active: did not say i did not warn you....

Welcome to the beginning of the 2019-2020-2021 Global Recession leading into the Roaring 20's.
Bernie Sanders wins presidency.

Laugh now cry later.

That was the signal.

Trade active:
Trade active: i think we have a perfect fit now on the pink fractal...

This should destroy the lower boundary and reverse instantaneously.

Comment: how crazy would it be if we shot up 80 ticks after destroying long entries.

Trade active: !!!!!!!!!!

Trade active: 3157.

Trade active:
Trade closed: target reached: We made it to 3154. Target was 3157.

Very close.

shifted the SAME fractal over to account for timing error/binary synchronization.

nothing has changed. except, we just nailed a shitload of stop losses before going back up.

3189 after this sexy little retrace.

Everyone is convinced it is dead. That was the psychological switch.
Trade active:
Trade closed: target reached:
Trade active: 3200 active.

added to long at 3080.
still long from 3003.

target 3325.
Trade active: so sexy.

Trade active: closer view.

Comment: 3117 now. this is going to skyrocket towards the next checkpoint highlighted in the purple box with green inner box.

literally nailed the dip exactly at the depth i was looking for.

this is it.

the path towards 3400 begins.
Trade active: We have finalized reversal to 3400.

Next target is 3155.
Then 3201.

Big up at open today on S&P.

Comment: Snapshot of Active trade and Open Profit as of before Close 12.4.19

Time series validation last 4 snapshots.
Trade active: SPX trade just gained 50k profit at market open.

Trade active:
Comment: last 5 days have yielded 98.6% accuracy and ginormous gains.
Trade active: readying the ion beam.
Targets 3157-3189-3216
Trade active: The moment of absolute truth.

Is the moment, no one was expecting.

Trade active: A wild Cajun has appeared.

Trade active: The wild Cajun Strikes again...



Doubled up at 3136.4 yesterday with a buy of 3860x lots of S&P500.
1x day open profit now over $109,000

I have been laddering in since 3003.
Main entry at 3003.
My laddered add on's were at 3080 with a 3056 avg.
Once I saw we landed on the upperside of the mean reversion, I Doubled up at 3136.4 as we sat on the mean reversion. This was my ALL IN signal.

Total Trade Open Profit now stands at over $360,000 and rising.

What. an. amazing. day.

I am so greatful.

Trade active: Reload opportunity was successful.

Comment: Reload confirmed.

Bounce achieved.

Trade closed: target reached: 3189 confirmed.
time series snapshot validated.

Next target 3219. +/-
Comment: S&P time-series trade profit so far.
Entered at 3003. Added at 3080.
Then 2.5x position at 3136.
Target 3325. Safe Exit.
Top is 3400.
Trade active: We are at 3194.8 right now, and hovering over the upper boundary of the regression channel, if we were to drop. We would drop hard to that red box, then wipsaw back up with intense cajun fury.

Target if we dropped to upper boundary and whipsawed would be 3278.
Target if we just cajun blast from this level. 3225.

Only up until 3400 with peasant dips.

Trade active: This looks more and more like a reload at 3185.2..

A drop to that red box would bounce us off the upper boundary of the regression channel.

The coiling we see above in the purple box may actually be equalized a tad further down. This would bring us to 3278 fast. or we will just blast from here and stop at 3225.

I am ready for a reload at 3185. Target would be 3276.

Trade active: woo!

No reload. Straight Cajun blast!


ONLY PEASANT DIPS ALLOWED. THEN the cookie crumbles baby.

Comment: i am convinced the modeled coil occurred early than modeled. This means kaboom.

Modeling Target was always 3400.
Trade closed: target reached: Target was reached Friday.

On. the. dot.

Trade active: Now today we go to 3290.
Trade active: here we go baby.. market is now open.

Up we go.

Trade active:
coil complete.

initiating warp speed.
Trade active: some sideways extension. back up we go.

3325 is my exit.


Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade closed: target reached: straight to 3300 in one single candle.

Trade opened at 3003 closes at 3325.

This will net me a profit of over 1 million dollars.

Trade active: boom.
Trade active: trade closes at 3325.

Comment: 3400 top here we come.
Trade active: 3003 entered trade closed at 3325.
Trade active: END OF THE LINE BABY>

Once we tap 3400. It. is. over.

Recession is here.
Fall of the USD is here.
The Cajun has spoken.

Trade active:
Trade active: cajun slap to 3300? Then straight to 3400?

I think so..

simply awaiting for 3400 to close out Part B of my 3003 entry.
Trade active: 3300 was confirmed. now to 3400 for the grand finale.

What a time to be alive..

Hope everyone following this... understands..

Comment: compare the snapshots above.

The accuracy is unparalleled.
Trade closed: target reached: oof.

Trade active: Glitch channel shift!

Trade active: Perfection.
Trade active:
Trade active: bottom of channel reached. now we go for new ATHs.

snapshot validated.

Trade active:
Trade active: looks like someone decided they want to mess with my 3400 target.

I guess... I GUESSSS.. 3380 will do instead.. PSHHHH.

Will still keep a 3400 target open for shits and mad giggles.

But 3380 is my new top,

isn't this fun?!

Trade active: slight re-shift!!! HERE WE GO!!!



Trade active:
Comment: approaching mean channel top. It must blast thru that ceiling.

3400 is back on the map baby for the finale top!

Comment: oof...

locked and loaded.

Trade active: mirror match found.

Can we really go for 3400 today?

If we reach 3400.. The time has come ..
Comment: omg its happening.

Comment: glitch channel shift!

Finding mirror!...

Pending.. hehe.


Trade active: 3400 is inevitable.

my trade is at 900k.

Trade active: I might need to close my trade early..

I think its probable 3378 was top...
Trade active: idk..

i have put a STOP LOSS on my 3126 trade @ 3336.

If we drop it will be very hard.
Otherwise I have my original target at 3400 for trade close.
Trade active: top.
confirming top.
Trade active: oh my... wouldn't that be something..

my trade is still open until 3400.

My stop loss has been set at 3336. Which is where PART 1 of my trade first closed.

Comment: no matter what it does, i nailed these sequences since 3003.

Entered at 3003-3080-3136.
Part 1 closed at 3335.
Part 2 is suppose to close at 3400.

My original TOP range noted in my idea's is 3400-3440.

I very sternly think 3400 is inevitable. but 3380 is my temporary top called due to glitch fractal shifting.

However, current fractal shift says something odd.
Comment: The strength of dynamic modeling is that one can tailor the hyperspace according to binary rules. As long as structural integrity is met, one can shift the decoded sequence as shifts in the dynamics takes place. Note that structural integrity MUST ABSOLUTELY be preserved, less you decode the wrong sequence and interpret it incorrectly. This is what i just did. As a new placement of the glitch shift of the binary created the depth you see in the image above, thus following and staying active. This is only a proposition to strengthen my target of 3400. No matter what happens my stop loss is at 3336, from 3136. That is substantial.
Trade closed manually: 3398.8 reached. top confirmed.
1.59 million in the bag. entered at 3003. closed at 3335 and 3368. which is where my SL was on my 3400 target.
Comment: UVXY was spot on in calling SPX tops and bottoms.

#crosscorrelation winning.
Trade closed: target reached
Trade active: 3260 next. Then a tad of sideways.

Trade closed: target reached:
Trade active:
Trade closed manually: at this point i am just watching and modeling.

I am not taking any positions for a little bit.

Comment: oof.......

#beep boop


Trade active: #globalpanic

Trade active: #lmfaooooo

Trade closed: target reached:
Trade closed: target reached:
Trade closed: target reached
Trade active:
Trade active: rejection confirmed.

Trade active:
Trade active: This was the last time we see above 3k for a long time...

Trade active:
Trade closed: target reached:
Trade active: next.
maybe? just keep it dying ?
Trade active:
Comment: rejecting.

Trade active: down another 100 pts?
Trade active:
Trade active:
Comment: nature helpp us all...
Trade closed: target reached:
Comment: See post ABOVE ^^ Compare snapshot from above with this snapshot below.

Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active: hahahahhahaah

and the fun continues.

Trade active:
Trade active: We reached bottom of regression channel. We could see a pop to 3021.

Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade active: target almost reached..

Trade closed: target reached: Now death.

Trade active: TPs placed..
Comment: TP1 = 2750.
TP2 = 2630
TP3 = 2350
Comment: Blue fractal shifted over. The sideways is now valid across the placed TF.

Comment: Sideways confirmation : In Progress.

Almost in Full Phase Alignment

RIP US Economy.

Trade active: Sideways Confirmation: Success.

Alignment : successful.

Binary Tree Followed.

Follow the Blue path.
TP : 2187.

Trade active: mean reversion confirmed... RIP US economy.
Comment: Inc Gap. Down.

Beep Boo0p?

we shall see..

Follow the Blue path. Into the Light Gray Path. Into the modeled dark light blue h/2,\

Trade active: Like a spicy Cajun.

Drop Sequence is initiated : Light blue path is now active.

600 level mean reversion/compression level is valid: 2x.

Awaiting TP1-TP2-TP3- then switch to the light gray path- may add timing error of 2 days.

Timing error allows me error in vector placement of the decoded fractal. Fractal replication is unique coded replay of a conditioned sequence. The decoded fractals are used over and over across a vector space until a new sequence is conditioned.

This allows me to have a relative idea on timing, and fractal spacing between applied sequences.

I hope you enjoy my crayon drawings as much as i do :).

Good luck to all those following in silence, like cajun ninja's of the night.

I see, you.
Trade active:
Trade active:
there we go.
Trade active: Interesting.

Beep Boop.

Trade active: Look at the snapshot from 2 clicks above.. The gray path was validated. Mean reversion level nailed once again.

Trade active: the trend curved directly at the 600 level mean reversion. AGAIN. That is basically three times we stopped at this level.

I say we go down stupid hard from here.

Many people are seeing we go for ATH again. I politely disagree.

Although, I can very well be wrong. The path to 2100 has a lot less resistance.
TP 1 shift over.
TP 2 shifted.
Trade active:
shifted to account for placement error.
Comment: fuck. ignore the chart above wrong snapshot.

Comment: drop extremely imminent.

Trade active: downward curvature activated.

shifted gray ghost fractal, which now aligns with suggested blue fractal.

TPs, now aligned with original ghosts fractals (actualized with dynamic binary timeframes).
Comment: 1800 is now actualized with ghost validation. the ghost fractals are taken from past sequences. in this case.. 2008-2013.

inverted-squared and cubed.
Trade active: excellent!

Comment: We are curling just like we did FEB 21st...

When we were at 3400...

You can scroll up to FEB snapshots above to see time-series analysis play out.

Trade active: perfection.

Trade active: well we popped one single level above the Mean Reversion depicted by the orange long box. Which is ok. No problem here. Still all going to plan, shifted over the gray fractal and blue fractal. Notice how the fractal now bounces off the fib circle better and the path still laid out hits the bottom at 1800 justlike outlined in the Original Idea.
Trade closed: stop reached: welp a few stop outs and losses. Totally ok.

I was wrong to assume we would drop from a lower point.

Notice though how i just keep moving over the SAME fractal.

This is not an accident.
We will follow it.

I was too eager at lower levels.
Took my losses. Re-entered.

Playing UVXY as inverse. Long.
Playing Bonds as inverse. Long. Specifically Two year T-Notes.
Trade active: see what happens when you don't give up on your narrative and you stick with it. :).

Great things happen.

Trade active: first part of the sequence that i stuck too has been validated. next stop 2770.

Comment: here we go breaking mean reversion, and validating next part of the laid out sequence.
Trade active: welp i was banned for a few days, so i did not have a chance to update, but after the snapshot on the 12th, i had a feeling they would pop us up one last time to rektion short positions. They succeeded. So all we do is take the decoded fractal and shift this sucker over to its new position.

Notice how i still use the SAME fractal, But just shift it.

I bet many of you are like wtf? why do you keep moving over the same fractal?

Well that is what binary decoding is all about. Finding the strongest fractal power and reusing it until it does not fit. This fractal has been used for 6 months. And its still being used in my opinion; correctly.

I blacked out the next set of sequences for your curiosity.
Cheers :).

Trade active: wow..what if.. hehe

Comment: curiosity is a beautiful thing.
Trade active:
{beep boop}
Trade active:

Trade active: here we go. slight shift ..

Trading UVXY long as SPX goes down.

I almost never trade SPX directly but thru UVXY.

UVXY target is $160+

Trade active: there it is...

Trade active: oof my bad, i thought i updated this chart.

Comment: ok. well i figured it out.

Making a new idea finally.

See that blue ghost bar fractal.. i shifted it over.and boom match..

Comment: i changed up the sequence.
i am looking at 1350 lows now by November.
Trade active: beep boop.
Trade active:
Trade active: i shifted over that back blue fractal. it still matches...

might be pulling the rub early. i think this is it.

Trade active:
Trade closed: stop reached: re-entered.

Trade active:
Trade active: RIP.

Trade closed: stop reached: major error. simple time shift.

Comment: dont trade this until confirmation
Trade closed manually: new idea coming today.

This time-series is now closed.

Order cancelled: Please see new idea for continuation. This thread is already redonkk long.


Trade closed manually: never forget the big picture of the idea...

Trade active:
Trade active: