What Are You Waiting For? Edge Of A Revolution

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You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time.
Abraham Lincoln

What are we waiting for?
Listen to the songs...then you'll know how to read the chart....

13 years of consolidation before a break out. Is that what we have been waiting for?
There is 391 bars between dotcom - subprime tops. Will we see history repeat itself?

13 is also a fib number and I'll be short from 2138
The top might only be a very short spike up and then puff - just like we've seen in the SPY december 18th 2014 (See link to chart right underneath the text here).

Music at work:

Fear not!

Take a fib measure from the top to bottom and add 13 to your fib... gives 666.80.

In numerology, the number 13 is considered to be the representation of perfection and completion. It stands to reason, then, that trying to improve upon perfection by adding a digit is a very bad idea indeed — your greed will be rewarded with bad luck.

For the religious or superstitious:
The meaning of numbers: The number 13:
666 is the devils number


If the top resistance breaks (which i think it will), we won't have a small puff up. It will be the greatest rally ever seen for decades to come...
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CoinedByCrypto TomPipTrading
Thx for feedback! Yes fully agree! The next stop would then be the 261.8 fib .... and that's a rally into also printing money like there's no tomorrow (haven't they already?). Even though Bankster Ben have had his shot at it.
Gold bugs will have their rally too coz then it will no longer be possible to hide the inflation by changing statistical methods constantly.
But I'm pretty sure that we'll see a stop and retrace at the 1.618 fib.

Nothing last forever. Weather we'll see a currency reset, a new Bretton Wood system or fall of empire or business as usual.... time will tell. One of the reasons why the Roman Empire dissolved was due to money printing the old fashion way by cutting edges of the silver coins. At the very end it's a matter of being able to deceive the people. As long as they have the perception that fiat money is worth the same no matter the the size of the monetary base and wealth is not transferred.... the current system last and we will have "peace in our time" The question is... are we on the edge of a revolution?
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andrius.lietuvis CoinedByCrypto
If flow of produced goods and services is the same as printed money will inflation will came? No.
If GDP is above expectations do stocks fall? No
If unemployment is falling do stocks fall? No
If buyers are more than sellers do stocks fall? No
When buyers are more than sellers? If I knew I would be millionaire :-)

Couple examples of recent past:
1. FED taper (2014-): buyers vanished as of fear of taper as of prediction about others will vanish - stocks plunged
2. FED "considerable time" language (2014-12-17): buyers stepped back as of fear of language change as of fear of pull back as of technical sings (MACD for instance 2014-12-04)

What to fear of next?
Q4 GDP record - I think it will approve expectations
Inflation report - it will be moderate
Unemployment report - it will be good (unemployment will fall)
Next Fed meeting - it will be sad nothing new, if nothing new will others step back before report, doubtful market usually do not behave in the same manner twice in a row

What to fear of next? Can you give me a hint? Please.
CoinedByCrypto andrius.lietuvis
Well as I stated above "Fear Not". I don't know what "people fear. In these FED controlled/rigged times where HFT-companies have scanners looking out for special words for weather to buy like crazy og plunge the market. Maybe humans imperfection cuz behind the computers are humans that can fail (and we see a so called fat finger (if you believe in that excuse) But as long as you have people in desired place - for you and they can pay their rent and accept to be brainwashed not to take advantage of 500 years of enlightment. I guess there is nothing to fear. Or let me rephrase that ....FED and a totalitarian regime ( ) have nothing to fear. It's when the shit starts to hit the fan complacency shift in to fear rather quickly. What will be the trigger?
CoinedByCrypto CoinedByCrypto
continued... The trigger could be when the poor (the 99%) have nothing left to lose and realize they have be deceived....

I'd say as long as the american dream is still being believed in .... there is nothing to fear: When the majority realize that they have lost everything including self respect... then Nickleback will be heard on their smartphones.....and we'll probably see ..... We're On the edge of revolution. But we are not to fear anything even then... cuz we'll have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
andrius.lietuvis CoinedByCrypto
Thanks, I appreciate you opinion and understand that you state, sure gap between poor and wealth is widening, but ...

Do poor really care about stocks? Almost all stocks are in possession of Top ten wealthiest people (link added)
"The top ten percent have 81% to 94% of stocks, bonds, trust funds, and business equity, and almost 80% of non-home real estate"

But even if some kind of revolution would start how I could see it evolving? Consumer confidence report? Retail sails fall? Tech patter formation?
I think you agree if retail sails are increasing at 5% it is not a revolution sign, doesn't it? I think you agree there is no pattern we could state "we are in downtrend" ?

Don't miss understand me, I do not claim to by SPY. In fact I look for moments when it could be profitable to short

CoinedByCrypto andrius.lietuvis
Yes you have a point there... "do poor really car..."! But it also corresponding well to what I'm trying so say in my comment to you. As long as the elite can keep us carme ( as obedient workers as George Carlin puts it) they keep on competing each other.
But if they become detached for reality.. (on their way already maybe???) The fan might end up with some greasy stuff on ;)
elp TomPipTrading
looks like its setting up similar to 2012?
Thanks for feedback! That could also be a solution. The minor 3rd wave in the major wave 5 (EW-terms) will then be on it's way. I can't rule that out at the moment. There are though signs on the weekly RSI that it has troubles in making higher high and has for well over a year had negative divergens and never reached former highs at all. But neither can it be ruled out that FED starts printing money again. Nothing in this rigged game can be ruled out. We have to wait and see. It is all a matter of manage risk and a 1.168 fib extension is usually performing. I'm only looking at possibilities not calling the top. That's why i'm stating above....: Will we see history repeat itself?
I really appreciate this kind of ideas who open very interesting discussions.
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