S&P500: Don't be an April Fool!

SP:SPX   S&P 500 Index
There could be serious trouble just around the corner for the S&P500 and Wall Street. Just don't be an 'April Fool*'. Watch the video.

*April fool is figurative language. I'm not describing anybody on Tradingview, or anywhere else.
Comment: Some have contacted me asking about entry points for reversal zones. Honestly, I don't know because the price action is varying by the hour. We have shifting sands and mixed pictures emerging. Gosh - it's like you know a storm is coming from 200 miles away, but you can't predict exactly when it will strike your home. All you can do is prepare. Below is today's updated picture with new thoughts. People with big account sizes are probably shorting this market now. Folk with smaller accounts need to avoid being shredded in what has become a meat-grinder!

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