Will the gap fill?

TVC:SPX   S&P 500 Index
Sometimes runaway gaps don't fill. There are unfilled gaps from 2010 and 2015, lol.
But, I suspect we might see another test of the low price before it really takes off. Trade small with caution!
Comment: Pls understand I am NOT sayin this will fill, just that it COULD fill and you have to be cautious, although it looks so damned bullish today, remember evry rally for the past month lasted just ONE DAY.
Comment: Flipped a few puts on early pm weakness. Nothing big. It often slips back from 1-2pm on these monster rally days.

power hour today should be lucrative imo...
Comment: Just checking TQQQ. Traded under 27 bucks on Thursday, back over 30 on 5/13 but this thing was $91 in Jan. OW! Not for the faint of heart... caveat emptor!
Comment: SQQQ near 52 bucks after trading over 60 on Thursday. Lose-lose 3x funds, lol. These are NOT for buy & hold!
Comment: UP 2k on calls from the am and 500 more from flipping puts. Wait for power hour now imo, a good day.
Comment: Regardless of aspersions of myopia there is a large gap at 3930 which could easily fill early this week. Trade with care.
Comment: There was a gap down from 4096 on 7 May which is a target magnet as well. This could fill before the lower gap fills. Gonna be another wild ride imo.
Trade active: Flipped calls on the runup from early sell. After the gap closes might sell again imo. Watch, wait.
Trade active: As expected a nice sell from the gapfill. Looks bouncy now, trying a few calls.
Comment: Closed the calls might sell a bit more imo; pure crapshoot atm. Perhaps it will move higher EOD?
Comment: LOL shoulda kept the calls who knew?! PROBABLY A BULL TRAP!! Beware! Flipped some puts on hopes of fade the gap but after 44 mins it has not. Still could but less likely now, no big bets!
Comment: Flipped a few more puts but the gap isnt fililng right away. This is most likely a RUNAWAY GAP which occurs in the middle of a bull movement. Price could move higher EOD and finish the move this week with an EXHAUSTION GAP. Shorting is risky here although it seems like "It must come down!?" it often won't, at least not right away.

Caution is advised, sudden price moves both up and down can destroy your positions now!
Comment: Some weakness now be careful can be a bear trap, looks like it will fill then it bounces, so many whipsaws.
Comment: Looks, feels like price is 'settling' around 4040, give or take. Closed puts, might go down to closing price, might not.
Trade active: Taking a few calls QQQ 302 weds exp
Comment: Closed out calls holding cash looks like a retracement move that could head lower midday.
Comment: it did lower but since moved up to starting price again. I didn't place any bets either way. 50-50 right now which is poor odds. Back in cash.

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