Sector Winners and Losers week ending 3/19

SP:SPX   S&P 500 Index
Inflation , yields and the fed, oh my! The sectors were all over the place this week, all driven by nervousness about an overheating economy and how the fed might react.

Monday started the week with the defensive sector Utilities ( XLU ) at the top.

On Tuesday, Retail sales data for February showed the economy wasn't overheating and inflation may not be on the rise. That gave investors some confidence and despite bond yields rising, interest rate sensitive sectors such as Technology ( XLK ) and Communication Services ( XLC ) rose to the top.

After the FOMC meeting on Wednesday, Jerome Powell acknowledge the increased outlook on the economy for 2021, but made a firm statement that interest rates would not be raised and bond purchasing programs would continue. You can clearly see the spike in Technology and Communications again after 2:00p on Wednesday.

But then bond investors had their reaction on Thursday. As market open approached, bond investors sold heavily in the morning, sending yields on a surge again. Industrials ( XLI ) did well for most of the day but sold off before close. Only Financials ( XLF ) ended the day with a gain.

Finally on Friday, bond yields climbed but at a smaller rate with the yield curve flattening a bit. That allowed several sectors to find some upside. Communication Services ended the week at the top sector.

Energy ( XLE ) was the worst performing sector of the week as crude oil prices plummeted on less demand, losing over 7.5% and dragging down the Dow Jones Industrial average (DJI) with it.

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