spx500 if we close below 2060...

FX:SPX500   S&P 500 index of US listed shares
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2060 has been a level for some time significant. If we close below it, bull recovery confidence will weaken. If we break this structure pattern, triangles, etc. it means "something else" is a foot, most probably lower. And we will close the quarter lower, which has happened only 5 times previous past 100 years, in the third year of election cycles. Does not bode well for same party candidates getting elected. And "they" probably have done all they canto keep that from happening, and that does say a lot to the bear case here, perhaps they have given in to it because either they have no answer or the alternative would be even worse? Once health care section M&A consolidates to only 3 companies, blessed by the government admin, then perhaps they will say enough, we have accomplished our goals. Let the market reset.
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