FX:SPX500   S&P 500 index of US listed shares
Correct me if I'm wrong but I see:

a - bottom support
b - top support
c - megaphone pattern
d - cycles (blue lines)

So I see such scenarios:

D - PRINT PRINT PRINT by FED friends and rise right to the moon ;)
C - small correction and then moon

A & B - Big drop as shown, with crash perspective

SL 2248 or none
TP 1970

RR ratio: 3.13

Please let me know what do You think guys.
We may get a short term correction, due to summer and bad news globally I don't want to post the "T" word. But think we are heading into wave 5 up in the Monthly charts, so yes in daily timeframes we can get a wave 2. Day trading timeframes are the hardest to predict, not because the elliot waves don't work, but because of news, reports, etc that get muted in longer timeframes.
PawelBanachowicz dryanhawley
recently We see also news and reports muted shortterm ;)
GUYS one more thing.

Since 24.06.2016 SPX gained +- 190 points - aproximetly 10% (200/2168).

So in less then 1 MONTH those companies gained 10% in value !?!

Take a step back and thing about this!

All what happened during this month should drop this thing 10% not improve it!