(30m) Fast Bearish Butterfly

FX:SPX500   S&P 500 Index

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Comment: A very fast update, the 2618 15 m chart :)

Comment: adjusted fibs and targets...

Comment: Adjusted fibs and targets!
- 2nd target reached for both patterns, the 1st one engaged with a 1:1 risk reward at 1st target;
- The price turned against me but forged a 2nd pattern above the previous without kicking me out, allowing me to engage a 2nd time with expectations at least to recover the previous pattern at breakeven, but even better...
- The price sinked, and reached all my targets;
- Still holding a portion of all this positions with a trailing stop triggered above the 38% (structure) once the price broke the 618 (2nd target)

Safe Trades;