SP500 - The Bullish Case

FX:SPX500   S&P 500 Index
397 25
SPX is on key resistance that would hold if the market was left to its own destiny.

But Draghi may unfold his long awaited QE .

If so, SPX may be subject to a forced breakout that may reach 2140 by year end.

That would make the current rally an 18% / 10 Weeks rally - VERY SHORTABLE against May13 Top to top line in logarithmic. It would be a 3% announcement forced excess.

that would "surely" give rise to a decent correction towards 1950 after which SPX may climb more harmoniously to 2220 by Jul15.

This is the bull case.

1- Draghi may just kick the can and the market may not like it.
2 - Drahi may announce and the market sell the news.
I wish Tradingview.com can have quarterly chart feature soon
No sellers, no one dares to sell and go against "PRINT" button from Fed :-)
YaKa jangseohee
On a real top: no seller. It is a process where the last buyer buys...
LOL, Sir Alexander Elder's "Last fool theory" :-)
By the way, does anyone know if it's possible to

1. Plot DAX on TradingView
2. Trade DAX on the US market (ETF or anything else)