One More Day But SP Still Looks MISERABLE At The End Of The Day

FX:SPX500   S&P 500 Index
SHS & Dead Cat Bounce

Most of the miserable history of the SP             is told by the above chart but here a resumé:

I see:
A symmetrical SHS            
Fib time zone adds to the overall picture of bearishness.
Shoulder, Head & Shoulder fits well with fib time zone and the cycle.
Trendline from top and the 61.8 retrace ending up in fib zone time 5
Neckline at the 2,070 handle.

Price wil until breakdown possibly bounce as a dead cat within the 61.8 retrace of top and the neckline.
As I stated in one of my other charts.. Keep on being bullish as long as bulls are breathing... I see that will come to and end within the next month. Fib zone time and cycles suggest in the 2nd week of juli

Trade what you see...best to your trading!

Music at work:
I think you are correct to be short term bullish. I think S&P can go up to 2097-2104 on Tuesday but as I said earlier today i think it will be a bull trap and then we drop 50-80 pts from close tomorrow until expiration Friday unless Fed or IMF makes some BIG news. Good luck.
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WallStScalper CoolCreekCTA
Thanks Same to you
Zoom in chart and a correcet fib from 2137.01 Gives a messured harmonic ABCD target at 2003.2