SP500 looking for a lower low? 🦐

OANDA:SPX500USD   S&P 500 Index
SP500 after the recent low retraced to the upside until the 0.618 Fibonacci level.
According to Plancton's strategy if the conditions will be satisfied we can set a nice short order.
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Keep in mind.

β€’ 🟣 Purple structure -> Monthly structure.
β€’ πŸ”΄ Red structure -> Weekly structure.
β€’ πŸ”΅ Blue structure -> Daily structure.
β€’ 🟑 Yellow structure -> 4h structure.
β€’ ⚫️ Black structure -> >4h structure.

Here is the Plancton0618 technical analysis , please comment below if you have any question.
The ENTRY in the market will be taken only if the condition of the Plancton0618 strategy will trigger.
Comment: moving lower
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Good sell ENtry
+1 Reply
plancton0618 vishvam-fx
@vishvam-fx, thanks mate πŸ˜ƒ
thanks for sharing
where is your target bro?
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plancton0618 SignalProvider
@SignalProvider, join our channel mate 🦐
thanks for the analysis
+1 Reply
plancton0618 Stargazer_fx
@Stargazer_fx, you are welcome bro 🦐
Hmm would prefer to see that support has been reached, real good opportunity to enter longs here or have some put spreads, rest of week is going to go up. Just a period of fund rotation into value.
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plancton0618 poister198
@poister198, thanks for sharing your vision with us my friend, appreciate it 🦐
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plancton0618 KlejdiCuni
@KlejdiCuni, thanks mate 😊