Any tips on Tradingview?

I've been using Tradinview for several years now. It's been a good platform to use for the charting side.

I wanted to make a post to see if there are tools or things that maybe I don't use that others in the community might like and use?

Personally, I like things like Parallel channels. This is a great tool instead of drawing trendlines .

I have recently enjoyed the Polyline tool, which has allowed us to add some "Homer" to the posts.

On a more serious note - the custom indicator aspect is really useful as we have built a few over the last couple of years to put our core strategy on screen.

In addition to these, our strategies include Elliott waves - Although we use software on top of TradingView for automated Elliott placement, it's handy having the tool in TV to draw cycles and schematics.

As I mentioned above, I would be keen for others to share comments on what they find useful inside @TradingView what tools am I missing?

Have a great weekend all!

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My favorite TV feature is definitely HDR (especially on an OLED panel).
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Mayfair_Ventures MiketheN00B
@MiketheN00B, Nice!
bollinger bands. Shows if a coin is moving up-sideways-down-hitting resistance and using fractals (different time frames) you can grasp best entry and exit point. Also, compare two coins example LTC and coins in your watchlist. Provides perspective and how coins perform comparatively.
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@j_bones, great. thanks for the response.
trend fib extensions and pitchforks are extremely underrated
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@convoluted, Yes. I use Extensions all of the time. Pitchforks not so much these days, but occasionally on the higher timeframes. In the last couple of years I shifted more to Regression. Thanks for the comment!
good job
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@imanpajand, Cheers.
9 seasons rainbow indicator can really help confirm if a top or bottom is in as a way of bakcing up solid charting and while looking for divergences.. the Volatility stop and MTF volatility stop set to x3 to dynamically chart support and resistance and show when a trend has truly flipped on the higher time frames. On balance volume with EMAs to help show pivots in buying and selling pressure and to show volume proceeding price.