Since I Pissed Everyone Off, Here is a Bearish Structure :)

My word, trying to let folks know that we might see a pop next week has ruffled some feathers. There is still a possible bearish structure that captures the last month's price action, it's just not as tight as the channel that seemed to serve as temporary support today.

There is this wedge , which we could still be within. It's wider than the previous one I had been looking at. I don't particularly like the channels because they do not support much of the price action until the last few days, which I had seen as backtesting of the old wedge on the lower end and an overshoot on the upper end.

That said, I would still expect us to test the top trend line again before failing from the structure.

I'm not trying to be a traitor. I am of course still absolutely bearish and am still maintaining my positions, but the rising wedge I had previously described was not really playing out well.


Was just FaceTiming my dad over seas. He sent me some Omaha steaks. I said thanks for the steaks we just ate some, he said “paid for them with profits from Zoom, Fsly and Tesla”. I immediately almost vomited the steaks back up. But god damn, can’t rip on him at all. I’ve had 3 glasses of wine since then, reflecting on the disgust of the market, thinking of going long. Then 5 minutes later I find myself finding new VIX oddities from prior corrections and taking notes etc LOL....

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What matters is the right side of every chart. Always have a bear and bull case... thanks for you all you do and sharing your ideas!
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My man LOL
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Why "traiter"
You just telling your opinion
Things can change and so your analysis
Stock buying is not about your loyalty
Fucking bears (eye roll emoji)
till it breaks the lines , it is in the lines
play the bounces - up and down
Enjoy following your analysis! Keep up the good work. I think most are bearish in the sense that there is an inevitable drop coming it's just a matter of timing it right. Cheers!
LOL, you're good! You gotta call it like you see it!