SPY dump part Doo

I love the setup to short here. /ES (which my technical work is based on) got a breath away from a symmetry resistance at 3427. My dowsing says to expect new lows, sell rallies, breakdown and that this is a short term reversal. The chart data at yesterday's low at 4224 is a total ledge and appears as an unfinished auction. The /ES also has a weak area (appearing as a ledge on a 3 minute chart) at the halfback of the entire swing down around 4304. The combination of these increases the odds for a retrace down.
Intuitively this morning I had that tomorrow is the better day to short, but I'm comfortable with this area, and the rally has been pretty powerful. I wouldn't expect it to go a whole ton further.
Comment: Ok, so my intuition about shorting "tomorrow" was accurate. SPX tested and did get above it's 786 retracement this morning, but is back under it. I also got the number 62 yesterday morning while still in bed (after asking about ES). HOD is 4361.25. I was ready with an order to short at 62, of course. Lesson is: don't expect perfect exactness!!
Crazy, crazy awesome shit is happening for me with regards to this work. I'm asking for times of day and receiving immediate answers that have been corresponding to reversals intraday. All this mentally, btw.
Not only that, just before this break on ES my foot rest on my stool completely fell loose with a loud bang! This is synchronistic type of guidance. Literally within a minute ES started falling with conviction. Pay attention to everything! Music too. Target is Monday's low. I hope this works out!
Comment: Ok, I'm asking for a time and getting times after hours. My pendulum is suggesting there's some kind of news event. So, now I'm thinking there's a trigger of some sort. Maybe earnings, but possibly bigger than that?
Comment: What happened was just a big spike in the runoff period and continuation, basically. I reviewed things and see how I was being guided that the long term trend will dominate, but a couple wiggles in my readings suggested back down.
That said, I do have negative energy coming in, but not until either tomorrow night or Wednesday. In meditation I asked about any major reversals and multiple times got 2023. So that's probably the tippy top before something either more long term or serious.
Comment: Expect new highs on the ES.


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@Bishmar, yeah, well I'm right there with them! Dammit, this is gross.