Watchlist 12/31




V shaped recovery on last 6 trading days. The week is almost fully outside of last weeks except for wed when we had the huge spike thanks to FOMC. We’re creating compound outside bars and expanding to the upside

Similar set-up as ES coming up off a green 2 down on the W. QQQ moved 17 points from open to close. We do have NQ approaching a smaller bf before taking out the larger one at the top of the range.


Russel 2000 ( IWM ). Man I dropped the ball on this one. I saw the set-up and went 4 points OTM for weeklies (216). The problem was I didn’t realize I bought daily’s. Those
were about 1.37-1.53 if I can remember correctly and now 216s for next Friday are about 7.10 so yea…

Rut had a fire setup last week (2D green hammer ) and small caps ran the whole weeks. Expecting the momentum to keep up.


The Dow also looks the same with a 322 Rev on the 2D chart both the index and the ETF coming up off a 2D green on the W.


Overall I’m feeling bullish as we spent the last few weeks consolidating and trading sideways which for smart money is just a chance to accumulate. I see us reaching new ATHs in the market over the next few weeks. If we do reject though I see a slow decline down a much larger trend line we probably just don’t see yet. Either way I will trade my plan and adjust for market conditions.

12/31 Watchlist

SPY ( ETF ) 2-2 W Rev > 472.19
DLTR ( XLP ) 212 2D > 137.5 2D2U W > 138
ROKU ( XLY ) 2D2U D > 2UW > 239
TSLA ( XLY ) Continuation Play
SQ ( XLK ) 2D2UD > 168.70 early entry for 2D2UW > 171.75
NKLA (Consumer Durable) ( EVs XLY )
2UD triggers 2UW> 11.51
TGT ( XLY ) 2UD&W> 222.25
SOXL (SEMIS LEVERAGED ETF ) 2UD>68.80 triggers 2D2UW


SPY 476 C 12/31 PT 480 RT: 350%
SPY 480 C 1/7/22 RT:
DLTR 145C 2/4/22 139C 12/31 144CW RT:
ROKU 255, 270 C 12/31 320 C 2/18/22 RT:
TSLA 1200 C 12/31 (Already In)
SQ 12/31 175 C RT: 100%
NKLA 13 C 2/4/22
TGT 235 C 2/4/22 235 C1/14/22 RT:
SOXL 70 C 12/31 RT: 200%
MSFT 340 C 347.5 C 12/31 PT 343 RT:

*PT=Price Target
*RT=Return percentage Target

*(All RT are general estimates/ranges I would like to cut. PT are targets based off #THESTRAT )

(I’m only taking these off triggers on weekly levels. Also for swings I avg in so I start small then as it works buy more contracts. For max safety buy all ATM. These OTM picks are just to hit a higher RR ratio. If they don’t trigger the trade is not placed. Also they can trigger and fail which is why stop losses are there if it triggers them retests but doesn’t stop the trade hasn’t failed yet. Might just need more time so I adjust accordingly, this is why time and averaging in helps.)


TSLA 1200 C @ 3.15 Fri +45%
MSFT 405 C @ .97 2/18 -55%