3 Wave 7 Count Maximum Correction

3 Wave 7 Count Maximum Correction - Once you start borrowing decades to preserve the present, you know you are in trouble. To stop borrowing would be most troublesome, and would create something never seen in our modern ecomonic period.

"A bear market of Grand Supercycle scale should be of sufficient magnitude to be accompanied by a severe economic recession. The last Grand Supercycle was terminated by the bursting of the South Sea Bubble and Mississippi Bubble in 1720. This was followed by a period of economic stagnation which lasted over 50 years, which is longer than the length of the Great Depression. If the Grand Supercycle theory is correct then the magnitude of the current recession should be of greater magnitude than the Great Depression, and possibly of greater magnitude than the severe economic recession from the 1720s–1770s that terminated the previous Grand Supercycle of the Renaissance."

"It should be understood that this is meant in relative rather than absolute terms, so that rather than the standard of living dropping to the lows of the Great Depression what may occur is simply many decades of economic stagnation."

However, if the termination of the current Grand Supercycle coincides with the termination of an Elliott Wave of greater degree, then the economic recession should be of a significantly greater magnitude than the previous Grand Supercycle collapse. This would be the case if the current Grand Supercycle is the 5th wave of the so-called X-Wave or Millennium wave. beginning around 1000 A.D. with the end of the Dark Ages. This wave configuration is accepted by some Elliott wave analysts but rejected by others."

*If it were to happen, might not be all that bad. After we detoxify all this debt, human culture will be shifting towards something new and revolutionary.

*2000-- End of Solar Maximum 260 year Long Count Cycle, Start of Solar Minimum Long Count Cycle. History often rhymes. Looking back at long count major peak and trough solar cycles we can see sudden shifts in human behavior. With more than 7 billion humans; food, water and energy will be at the forefront of some of the most significant challenages.