And it looks like the bulls need to find the key, bribe the doorman, or find another way through.

We just spent an essentially an entire week consolidating and trying to get past what has turned out to be a brick wall of resistance. And not because of selling per se, but because of lack of conviction in my opinion. Not because of selling because we haven't been rejected from here. A lack of conviction because as soon as we get to these levels we turn right back around. Like trying to get into a club that's "at capacity" and you're waiting in line and the bouncer just won't let you in because you don't have enough women with you, so you just wait outside waiting for them to let you in.

We're in a really weird place as a market whole. Especially on SPY and SPX we're in this weird trader purgatory where there's literally no trend (on the short term) and now at this point we're nearing two months of trading inbetween a 200 point range. Yes, you can trade a 200 point range but this week we only traded in a 3.5% range, which was better than last week's ~2.3% range but still equally as oppressive in my opinion. Today was SPX's fourth touch of the highs from June. And we haven't been rejected, and still haven't broke throough. Now two weeks in a row the Sunday futures traders (5 guys in a room in their opinion doing gods work) have tried to gap us over resistance areas and succeeded. And it looks like they may need a three-peat in order to get us over this hump. Finding another way around. Like sneaking in the back door to the club while the bouncer's not looking.

The one notable part about this week is we did print a new weekly high, but it looks like it's been a struggle. And, albeit small, we're still printing bearish divergences. And, it's also notable that all major indexes only have one major gap to fill up above, and that's from the kick off of the feb thunderdome special. All gaps get filled eventually, but we have multitudes more down below than we do up above. I find it suspicious that all the indexes filled their island gaps this week but then we just stalled out, and didn't reverse. This is weird. And the pattern we've been printing the past two months could be construed as either bullish , or bearish . Just depends on your bias. But i will say that the last three days just staying up here is kind of like an animal stalking it's prey. But on the other side of the coin it doesn't look like there's a lot of gusto to actually break out. Like i said earlier this week it's like we've been climbing these weekly stairs but majority of that movement has been on a Sunday night. It's suspect (as is a lot of things in the market right now) but it's the reality. I mean i heard someone on Bloomberg today say that everything in 2020 is already priced in, and now investors are looking to 2022, and even 2023. In short he's essentially saying the world could start ending in 2020 and investors would still be buying. Because even if we were in thermonuclear war the lone server in the basement of the fed would probably still be bidding up all the major indexes.

So, again. Two competing theories. The bullish one being this week and the last were rebalancing/cylcing out of the ridiculous tech stocks that got us back up here, and into a more healthy breadth in the market. I likened it to everyone getting into position on a frontline before an attack. DJI filled it's gap, over it's 200 period MA. DJT even did, and missed it's June island gap by something like 10 points today. And now that everything is caught up, and relatively balanced back out we can officially kick off this new bull market with the broader market.

The bearish one is simple. Resistance. We can't break it. There's no follow through (on the bear side too though) and underneath $312-$314 market structure is pretty rotten. All it takes is a match. And on top of that we now have six different gaps to fill. On our way up to the highs we left in Feb it was much the same story. But the machines kept bidding us up and all was well in the world. Until it wasn't and that house of cards fell so fast it was literally breathtaking. Trading that was literally unbelievable. This time around the market structure isn't AS bad, but still bad. And let's be real. Reality isn't indicative of a new bull market, and everyone knows it. But, in the market reality doesn't matter until it does. Just like that clown who said 2020's priced in. But the sad fact is he very well could be right. But, also judging by the commitment of traders reports the positioning outside of things like mutual funds is relatively neutral.

Another thing that is honestly the most important thing to happen all week was the VIX closing convincingly below it's support and daily 200 day MA. That's huge. And if you run a hedge fund that the computers tell you how to size your positions based off of volatility you just got a huge green light to start piling on leverage. Especially if we get some follow through. But that would mean we'd have to break out. One affects the other. It's like levers. But today, the VIX got whacked and that significantly deteriorates the bear thesis in my opinion. But, it's just a tea leave to be read and nothing more. It very well could have been a manipulated move to signal the all clear and then they drop a rock on the market Sunday/Monday leaving everyone holding the bag, again. 5 guys in a room don't just try and rob the poor all the time, sometimes they rob the rich as well. We still haven't made a new low, but we're one trading day away from a complete retrace from the June move.

5m showing us gapping up modestly and hitting decent sell pressure throughout the most hour, filling the gap. But as soon as we got near the lows from yesterday's range the selling literally just stopped and they staged a nice little rescue op to close us literally exactly on support. It's honestly admirable sometimes. We didn't make it anywhere near there the rest of the day as the algos took over and got back to their comfort zonee. There was one odd 5m candle that looked like an algo pop, but there was no news. It turned out to be a o one second candle that had over 208k shares traded in it. This is abnormal. Normally something like that is followed up by a headline, but not this time. So, something to ponder over. Well, moving on that candle was retraced and then some by half the amount of volume and it was back to regularly scheduled programming until about the last hour of trading where volume finally picked up, and they started to try and go for that new high. SPY pierced it's downtrend line from the June high but was push back down by decent selling. At one point in the last 10-15 mins i saw like 30k shares on the sell side. Got noped, again.

Hourly looks the same. But it does jump out to me how we've tested this area so many times and still haven't broken through or traded away from it. That defies the 80/20 rule, and it curious. It's also prime for them to gap over come Monday morning. And if that were to happen the real question is if they trade higher, or we kick noped back down into the range where we came from.

Daily without drawings. I mean doesn't that just look weird to you. Almost as if they want us here. Above the moving averages, but not much higher. Also notice volume is absolutely terrible compared to the 100 period MA

I think it may be this, the fact that we have all this open space below an entire two weeks of daily candles. This is odd and it looks like there's nothing there to support price if we break through

Weekly showing the new closing weekly high

But even on the weekly We're starting to print bearish divergences, not to mention how if we got back to ATH's we'd most likely just like NDX with it's huge divergences as well. That's weakness. But the market gives no fucks until it does

SPX obviously showing the same as SPY but we literally touched the resistance line and it was like it touched an electric fence and traded away from it

What the bouncer's saying to SPX everytime it asks if it could get in yet

Things looking even more peculiar on the daily, with it printing some sort of emoji the past three days. I've honestly never really seen a pattern like that before

I mean in a vacuum that looks like it wants to break out on the weekly

But with the same divergences

ES technically could be printing a cup and handle as well

If you really use your imagination that could be just a really long bearflag that's gotten out of control. ES has been an absolute mess since last month

I mean that's ten days in a 3.6% range

Also with the huge bearish divergences if we get above June's high

Still haven't defeated that bearish engulfing from yesterday either

New weekly high for ES as well. Notice on all these weekly candles the volume was actually better than the past couple weeks, which is interesting since we didn't go anywhere

IWM seemingly stuck between a rock and a hard place. With hard support below and the downtrend line from Feb above it. It took a second stab at breaking out today only to fail, again. That is less than a 2% range for the past two days

Ok i apologize, IWM still has yet to fill it's gap from the island reversal, but it looks staged to try and break out. Most likely a gap over the trendline

Third consecutive close above the daily 200 period MA

The weekly has it's work cut out for it though. Has both the weekly 200 and 50 period MA's to get through. Still could argue that's a bear flag as well

This is not what you want to see if you're short this market. And the worst part was this is an outsized move for the move we had today. But again, it could be a headfake. I've seen crazier stuff

XLF opening directly on it's trendline only to trade away from it and not recover the rest of the day

Not a good look on the hourly

Daily almost printing a bearish engulfing

Also not a good look on the weekly

Ok, couple things on DJI. First being that's like a textbook bull flag . But what do i say about the technicals being too perfect? On DJI there's slightly less fuckery but it still is about. Also, the high from Monday opened right on the downtrend from the Feb top and traded away from it

This uptrend line from the March lows has been DJI's bane. But it did do some work this week with that island reversal gap fill. Could go either way

Obviously haven't made a new weekly high on DJI yet

What's look like on QQQ 5m? But we did see some life out of QQQ yesterday and today

Even more prevalent on the hourly

That's the largest daily pivot candle we've had this entire run. There's a lot of space down below. When this thing pops it's going to be epic

Just park this right here

Silver showing some resiliency, getting back above support

Gold with a nice headfake again. That's impressive

Now count, 7 wicks into defcon area. I honestly think someone is protecting that level knowing that if it breaks people like me will be screeching from the rooftops. But at this point it's a little odd. Again, it's strange for there to be such a high demand for bonds with us so high in price

Probably takes the cake for weirdest weekly chart this year

The suspense is building. At least today wasn't making my eyes bleed watching price do nothing. There was another concerted effort to get to new highs today and the invisible hand of nope came through and stopped it. That's basically it. Stuck in the mud. I do know that once we find a direction though it'll be worth the wait, hopefully.

That's basically all i got. I didn't take anymore positive delta positions this week. I'm still around -7 delta and am waiting to get some resolution on what the hell is happening. I didn't really trade at all this week other than getting stopped out.

Keep your head on a swivel for shenanigans Sunday night into Monday morning with the usual suspects such as CNBC vaccine news, stimulus packages, COVID deaths , and all the other headlines we're all so accustomed to.

Have a good weekend everyone. Thanks for reading.

For the people who have pre registered for the website i really do appreciate it. Like i said, we're going to be trying to take it live this weekend. And if you haven't already pre registered all you have to do is visit the website and register your email

Comment: 8th? test of the defcon level on the 10 yr this morning... Bonds are signalling angst

Comment: ES just turned positive after being down about 30 points in the overnight session.

Comment: Both silver and gold having a good morning so far

Comment: I'm seeing blocks of 80-150 contracts on the buy side protecting the positive open

Comment: Buyers out here this morning..

Comment: Bears going for the steal.

Comment: Sellers seem to be showing up in all indices as of right now.
Comment: They're still boxing almost 30 mins into the day

Comment: QQQ moving

Comment: QQQ doing what it does best and leading everyone higher.

Comment: Remember what i said about getting everyone in position? All they have to do is use QQQ to get us over the hill

Comment: They're going for it. Another new high on SPX and SPY. SPX got a 5m close above

Comment: QQQ still leading

Comment: VIX looking to take another leg down

Comment: 10 yr still in danger zone though..

Comment: I also just realized that that was an hourly close above resistance

Comment: Again it's basically AMZN and friends leading this push.

Comment: Not a lot of volume on this small pullback. SPX is right at it's broken resistance line.

Comment: QQQ bulls earning their keep today

Comment: Bulls are being handed this on a silver platter. They better take it. Watch for the liquidity hunt if they let it break down.

Comment: Alright it's almost as if the bulls are popping champagne early because it looks like participation has dropped pretty drastically. 200k shares in that last 5m candle. There's still a lot of trading left in the day.

Comment: DJI still down .2% and IWM down .5%. They have to get involved if this goes higher

Comment: They're going for the third consecutive hourly close above resistance. Watch for shenanigans going into the close

Comment: IWM pulling us down. QQQ pulling us up.

Comment: Still got some pretty serious divergences on SPX...

Comment: 171k shares traded in that last 5m candle. Unless they pull the obligatory late day rally this is not a very convincing breakout.

Comment: In theory this should break to the upside.

Comment: Any minute now.

Comment: Yahtzee.

Comment: Volume wasn't awesome but better than we've had the past couple hours.

Comment: If this is a breakout it's one of the least traded i've seen in a while. There's only been 27m shares traded so far today.

Comment: Yeehaw. target hit on SPY finally.

Comment: The push was across all markets but didn't look like an algo pop..

Comment: If we push any higher we're going for the gap at $333.

Comment: AMZN is up almost 7% today. On a $3000+ stock.. They have earnings Wed

Comment: Someone's filling a 10k block on the buy side right now. Might be a short cover.

Comment: If QQQ closes up here it'll be a new ATH.

Comment: Alright. Power hour. We'll see how the 5 guys in the room are feeling about all this. We're only at about 35m shares as opposed to 132m 100 day average.

Comment: Here it comes. Volume's there.

Comment: Alright just a heads up everybody. This will be my last full posting and live updates. I will be moving the daily posts and the daily updates over to the website. I will be posting a reduced SPY post every day but if you would like the full market analysis you will have to sign up for the daily market updates on the website.

Thanks everybody!
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appreciate the posts you have done here! im too poor to buy a subscription (still learning how to be profitable), but i will still check in on the posts you do here! good luck with the site!
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merkd1904 stockmarket2020
@stockmarket2020, Thanks for the support buddy. I really do appreciate that.
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@merkd1904 I think they pushed their earnings to next week, the 30th
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merkd1904 srazzano15
@srazzano15, Did they? I was going off of the TV chart. It's been wrong before.
vix is holding its downtrend from march. although it did break above it on july 13th and close above. from my trend line thats the only daily close above the line. a few other days intra day broke out, but never closed over except that 1 day. as much as i hate to say this... seems quite bullish for equities. hoping vix pops high soon.
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merkd1904 stockmarket2020
@stockmarket2020, Yea if we get a rejection from the 10 yr as well it's nails in the coffin for bears as well. We're at least going back to Feb highs in my opinion.
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