SPY ..decision week

Spy has yet to break back into it's previous daily trend.
Momentum is quite strong but still feel the downside is in play. Typically a unforgiving market will rinse the the last buyers/sellers out. IMO this last move will break back into trend taken the last bulls to only turn around break down.
Do not listen to the news of the day MM HF just use this to disrupt market with volume without them being in focus.
You have seen this 3x last 3 months Afghanistan Monday melt down to resume two days later back ATH
Delta another Meltdown in the markets Tuesday only for the markets not to care the next day ( really/ that worried one day but all is fine the next)another ATH followed
Evergrande again a bounce back.
The next will be US 10 - 5 Year bond.
Fear in interest rates will drop the market again for longer period and deep correction
Another one will be November tapering & along with housing
The market already has it's plan , the news are the excuses
Next weekend will see exactly where this market is going a big week in my book.
We are in the biggest directive market in history and no-one knows where the drop could lead but IMO will be and fast