Embrace for the crash

A lot of bad news. All the guidance saying lower. FED always has dovish comment. Overeacting rally from President's tweet.

No sign to short yet, but I think it is going to happen soon. And when it does, embrace for impact. I think it is going to be a big crash.

I want to go even further to say we can see 2000 S&P and 10000 Dow.

I might be terribly wrong, but we'll see. Stay safe trading, guys!
The 2100 level on the Dow isn't a real stretch, but without serious issues similar to 2008, hard to see such a dire forecast becoming reality. Anything is possible...
guys if anything, I think the NFLX earnings is going to start it off. We'll see.
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@kidzecoin, Netflix is on steroids, LOL :)
It's all about the money flow, 401k and mutual funds buying stock at the beginning of the year. Also why the market always goes up on payday Friday. I expect the market to melt up just like last January. Not sure about the tank, depends on what they say in the Jan Fed meeting.

The only news that matters is QT and interest rates (in other words, Powell). Everything else is the media attaching labels to market movement.
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