Embrace for the crash

A lot of bad news. All the guidance saying lower. FED always has dovish comment. Overeacting rally from President's tweet.

No sign to short yet, but I think it is going to happen soon. And when it does, embrace for impact . I think it is going to be a big crash.

I want to go even further to say we can see 2000 S&P and 10000 Dow.

I might be terribly wrong, but we'll see. Stay safe trading, guys!
Trade active: I have gotten in short position across multiple stocks, namely NFLX, AMZN
Trade active: Just added more short position last Friday. I think we are making a double top.

Tight stop guys!
Trade active: I just added even more short.
Comment: Still inside this short trade until we break above 280
Comment: Apparently that was a very bad call. I am on the verge of closing some of my shorts. However, this does not change my bearish outlook on the market. I think the down move will start when we see Demark Sequential 13 on the daily.

We are now at an 8. So at least 5 more days to go.

Stay safe, traders!
I think we will see one more push higher on Monday.
kidzecoin gvoommen
@gvoommen, that might happen.

Next week is earnings fest! I think we will be able to confirm the direction after Tuesday.
gvoommen kidzecoin
@kidzecoin, very true
This might be it. Netflix did give us a hint on the earnings drop. If tomorrow we close lower I think this is very likely a down move.
The 2100 level on the Dow isn't a real stretch, but without serious issues similar to 2008, hard to see such a dire forecast becoming reality. Anything is possible...
guys if anything, I think the NFLX earnings is going to start it off. We'll see.
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