$SRM, Nice bounce from the ~14k sats // .618 fib on the daily so


Nice bounce from the ~14k sats // .618 fib on the daily so far..

From here trying to see if it can show continuation above ~16k sats

Many alts have been retracing over the last 72hs so let see if that correction is over or not

Since entry on UCTS 1D Signal ~60% up
Comment: update on $SRM

Crossing above ~16k sats w/ increasing volume

looks strong for continuation toward local highs (~20k)

Comment: update on $SRM

Trying to hodl/flip ~16k sats

Aiming for ~20k sats from here if volume allows it.

Comment: $SRM

Trying to find a HL over ~1600 sats level after the failed breakout above ~2k

Volume not looking that bad if manages to close the daily on this shape..

Still ~80% from latest UCTS 1D Buy signal

Wait for it

Comment: $SRM

14% on the first 3hs of the new daily.. 🤌

Aiming for a breakout above ~2k sats

Comment: $SRM

Lets go!

40% on the daily, breaking above YTD highs!

~160% since entry on UCTS 1D Buy signal
Volume at really strong levels

let it fly
Comment: $SRM

Just 8% away from a new /BTC ATH...

Weekly chart for the lols


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