FTX:SRMPERP   Serum Perpetual Futures
Think this is a possible play into next week.
TP1 & TP 2 as shown
SL as shown
Fundamentally serum is picking up traction
Not a fan of entering trades before weekly close, wide stop to accommodate for this
Let's see
Trade active: So far so good, take profit and manage risk where applicable
Trade active: Actually added more at 5.991
SL 5.825 for this portion of the position
This is an oversold play
Trade active: The addition I took above got stopped out, my original position is still active, this trade shouldn't have gone from a profitable one into one that is now under water. I didn't practice what I preached in comment 2. Still think target will be hit
Trade closed: stop reached: Trades need to be actively managed is the lesson here
From being up +6% to going underway then having your
stopped reach. It happens at times.
On to the next