An update for previous $SRM idea - Time will show!

Hello everyone,

I'm thankful to who is interested with my idea and commented below.

After the market crush things changed, and the way is not clear. Everything seems neutral except some.

I've revisited my idea because all the support lines and resistance lines are changed, so in that sense, this is new version. Everything looks good except BTC price :)

I thought that this is not an full bear market, it might be a mini-bear but I believe after some placements and angles changed in the actual sky, it will lead it to new ATH's and new bullish trends.

So far so, you can find explanations in the visual. Waiting and looking chart every 30 min.

In my opinion if trend continues, first station will be around 9.30-40 $ then will take it to the 12.5$ around mid-late May.
If doesn't stop below 5$ ... Sad.

Positive Signs that trend will continue
  • 4 moving averages and 13 day average one is getting closer to 55 day one since market crushed at 17 Apr . If 13 day crossed up 55 day this is a sign of trend changing.
  • 4HR Ichimoku shows that Tenkan Sen, crossed up Kijun sen under the cloud which is weak buy signal. Since 21 April 19:00 PM.
  • My MOST indicator showing BUY signal since 17 April.
  • Total Market Cap is still holding around 944B$ which is a sign that money is inside!
  • Maybe this is a new era for crypto - market and this is a sign of revolution. Look at what ETH does!
  • It has a good volume .

Negative Signs that trend will change
  • In daily chart Ichimoku's Kijun sen crossed down Tenkan sen which is a sign for bearish which continues since 3 April that was a bullish trend . So daily chart confirmation is not here yet. Still waiting.
  • BTC loses his support around 53K if it loses it completely next station will be around 47-48K $
  • TD Sequential doesn't have any proper setups for buying.
  • If there is no closings above the downtrend line, it is a bearish sign. (around 2 day)
  • Fib Retracement 0.382 showing resistance atm. If it will not broken soon... you know.
Trade closed manually


same thinking👌✌️