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not a whole lot to TA, but support and resistances are looking good.

previous bearish OB turned breaker. huge wick into this breaker even touched the wicks of the lower creek.

again looks like its coming to the end of its accumulation.

- perfect jump across creek on strong volume confirmation.
- this one didn't have a spring like some other accumulation charts, but not all accumulations need a spring /stop raid.
- we should be in some form of Buy Up rn before we full send it on markup.

I mean.
$0. 40 now
weekly close around $6.30
you do the math. I mean this is a straight bargain brother.

dunno about you, but then again I'm not missing out on this ride.

this things a straight relic in cryptoland. been around before the first crypto boom where I stepped in and got analed pretty hard.

I'm completely clueless and I should not be followed for my advice coz its wrong XD