STPT Retraced, Reversal Likely


The STPT token is an ERC-20 platform token that allows users to participate in events like airdrops, bounties, Micro Token Offerings, and virtual staking. Additionally, STPT can be used as a payment currency for services within the ecosystem.

Oct 5 there was a huge pump. It dropped down, bounced near GP, but bulls couldn't hold up, retested it and broke below GP slightly. Luckily the Bulls held strong at the Key Support level. Now that's a retracement that's near 65%.

Ranging between minor resistance and support level as seen on chart, with one attempt initially made to break up
Currently trading in the GP Zone.
Daily RSI TF is bullish.
Reversal is highly likely, high probability of upward movement again. Given BTC is stable, this idea will play out.

PS: Based on a follower's demand, I have analyzed this token.

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Trade active