STRAX / Bitcoin Post 120


Hello traders, STRAX / Bitcoin is in a bearish dynamic fake in a symmetrical triangle with higher and higher lows and lower volume traded in compression. The RSI is below 50.00 which makes us say it is in the undersold zone, so we should have to make a bullish move in this market. And a MACD below zero, with a strong potential zero signal that the triangle detaches from the top, after a new check of point (E) for an optimal entry on the ELLIOTT wave with the supply to set back previous expectations.
Of the market confirmation of a new return of smart silver with resistance at point (B) for a retracement, after coming on the last lower leg to return to price dynamics. Check the propability of the price move, see the behavior of prices react to this resistance zone by maximizing your profits under this pressure, profit taking on this rally. In order to reduce the risk and decrease the exposure to short-term long-term positions in this interest. After that, check the future market sentiment for this third quarter by counting the return of volatility and Triwizard Week with past market exchange. All of this is available for free, please give me a hand if you like this job.
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