STRAX/USDT Secondary trend (part). Triangle area.

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Timeframe 1 day. Logorrhythm. Secondary trend (part) in which an uptrend has formed.
Potential reversal zone. Price is clamping down, volatility is minimal.
29 11 2021 Stratis Build Hackathon kicks off with $100,000 in prizes

STRATIS is now oddly transformed into STRAX after swap in cryptocurrency search, maybe that's a hint?)

Coin in Coinmarket: Stratis(STRAX)
Broke through the level of 1.888 - 1.666 down. Thereby breaking through the triangle to the values of 1.237. The local sideways movement above this zone continues. If this zone will be held further and there will be an exit from it - a big double bottom (with the base of 160%) to the values of 2.9 - 3.2. Local resistance is the resistance level of the squeeze zone 1.666 and the downtrend secondary trend zone (red).

If from this squeeze price (will act as a flag band) will go down - formed a downward flag to the zone of 0.831
The local channel (support 1.237) was broken down starting on January 18, 2021, exactly to the level of 0.831, thus forming a completely descending flag pattern.

At the moment, a triangular formation of a symmetrical shape is being formed (the price is clamped), in the near future there will be a dénouement. A symmetrical triangle or similar formations are figures of uncertainty, the balance of buyers / sellers. With a high degree of probability, due to liquidity, a strong impulse can be realized - a squeeze up or down. If down - the zone of the bottom of the descending channel. Upward reversal of the secondary trend and the beginning of pumping (purple line). In most cases, a coin is bought rather than sold lately, this can be seen from the upward squeezes and the history of purchases / sales, if you watch it for a long time.
+32% at the moment. The price reached the level of 1.237
The same repeatedly mentioned 72. +72% from the breakdown exactly to the previously indicated level to the cent 1,666 Mystic? Not - not public mathematics.

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