BTC application layer will be on Stacks

Stacks at this market cap is ridiculous. I believe that the real value will be recognized in the bull.

BTCs store of value layer is currently sitting at 550B and the its application layer which i believe will be on stacks is in its infancy.

This cycle everyone expects BTC to under-perform ETH in the bull because it did it last cycle, but im not so sure it will this time. New value is being unlocked right now with BRC-20s and the application player of BTC, aka STX.

If builders keep building on BTC as i have witnessed they do this year, a new BTC ecosystem will be created. No one knows what it could be worth at the top of the BULL. Just for giggles lets assume that BTC 4x from here. That is over 2 trillion MC. Lets assume that Stacks captures 5% of that value it could be sitting at 100B market cap. That is 125x from current price.

And im not talking about a new coin that just came out. This is a large cap that already survived one cycle so the risk of going to 0 is way lower then a normal 100x play.


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