Sugar: End of 8 waves sequence- 5th wave structure

Elliott Wave Count:
Impulse, w1 - w2 - w3 - w4 - w5
Counter trend ( abc ) zigzag pattern
Finalising a 8 Wave Sequence
Comment: Suger price is simply surfing the wave. Elliott Wave is a great tool, if you need some marked indepth..

Let's see if this Forecast will hit bullseye..
Comment: Sugar price is aiming at my target. Patience is key.
Comment: The correction is taking it's time, but everything look's as planned...

I'll keep you updated

Have a great day...
Comment: Hello everyone
The consolidation is taking a bit longer than expected, but I still see sugar price upside in the long run...

My patience is been tested I must admit, but it is all good though...

Have a great week ahead