SUMO LOGIC great buying opportunity, potential Multi-Bagger

NASDAQ:SUMO   Sumo Logic, Inc
Hello Traders,

here comes another big buying opportunity that could become a Multi-Bagger.

SUMO LOGIC (SUMO) is a Machine Data Software Company, which operates in the so called DevSecOps space. It offers a complete package to its customers regarding Data Analytics, Cloud Services and most important Security. Right now this Company is valued at a very cheap multiple of 8,62 EV /Sales ( TTM ) and a great Gross Profit Margin of 72,4% combined with a Growth Rate of 23,5%. These are excellent metrics valued at a (ridiculous) low price .

So right now SUMO is trading at $21,85 and if you takea close look at the 4h Chart you'll notice A BIG VOLUME INCREASE in combination with a Break-Out from it's (last big) Resistance around $21, 40 (200 day EMA ). The MACD Indicator also shows improvement and anyone, who is willing to bet on this one for the next 6 to 12 months, will be highly rewarded. After quickly reaching the $30s I expect first a retest of it previous highs around $45 and then everything will only depend of its further performance. Buy now until it's not too expensive to get in, you won't regret it...and by the way I am already long with an average price slightly under $19.

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You zee ij long run sumo logic would hit 100 plus ? In next 12 to 1i months ?
foxbelex Maddy50

Hi Maddy, first thanks for your feedback.
Well it's difficult to say if Sumo Logic will hit the $100 plus within the next 12 months, because it will depend on 2 factors
which are its next 2-3 Quarterly Earnings Results and also the overall performance of the Growth Stocks such as SUMO.
Right now I am comfortable to presume a retest of its ATH around $50 within the next 6 months if their next Earnings Results
is as good as expected. Nevertheless if they are able to overdeliver in the next 2 Quarters SUMO could perfectly hit $100+ next year.
Maddy50 foxbelex
@foxbelex, thank you. 🙂
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