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Do you want a real life application of blockchains? Then it cant be trasparent since we need privacy. Suterusu seems to have an innovative approach to this problem and it's developing a real case use for it. Still in development but will do wonders when blockchain mass adoption will need actual privacy tools.
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What is Suterusu (Suter)?
Suterusu is a project built upon the state-of-the-art cryptographic technologies zk-Consnark. Suterusu project CTO Dr . Huang Lin partners with cryptographers from Centre national de la recherche scientifique and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology co-authored a paper on a new efficient range proof scheme with transparent setup (accepted by a top Cryptography conference Eurocrypt 2021), which serves as the foundation of Suterusu protocol. Suterusu protocol can provide privacy protection for the users’ transaction data without comprising efficiency.
What is Suter Shield?
Suter Shield is a decentralized, layer-2 solution for transaction and data-protection built on Ethereum , while also can be integrated with other layer-1 projects supporting smart contracts such as Binance Smart Chain, Heco etc.
It applies public key homomorphic encryption to protect the transactional amount and conceals the identities of the sender and receiver of a transaction among other system users through invoking zero-knowledge proof. In other words, Suterusu protocol not only provides anonymity for the involved parties and but also transactional confidentiality. Suter Shield allows the sender of a transaction to arbitrarily select the target receiver of a confidential transaction without the need of sharing any secret with the receiver beforehand. Therefore, it is not only much more user-friendly, but it also provides a foundation to adapt to more sophisticated privacy-preserving DeFi functionalities such as DEX, insurance , loan, etc.

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