This is the most unrated SPAC

NASDAQ:SV   Spring Valley Acquisition Corp
First off let's start off with the inevitable part, the world population is only increasing and as the world becomes modern it will only put more stress on and already broken supply chain. It's no secret that the pandemic put how unstable the global supply chain is on display. With all this demand we need a new way of growing food to support it, that is where Aerofarms steps in.
Aerofarms is creating a ground breaking way to feed our constantly modernizing population and the best thing is these are not just ideas or dreams trying to sold in another SPAC deal. This is a real company with real revenue, about $4 million projected for 2021. Now I know that nothing crazy but with a TAM of 1.9 trillion and a substantial lead ahead of any competitors in the vertical farming field with patents, trade secrets, and partnerships.
They have increased their presence in 200 stores by over 500% in Whole Foods , ShopRite, Baldor, amazonfresh, and freshdirect. Aerofarms meets the challenges of its sector head on with 59% more efficient lighting, automation integration, data science, product diversification, capital access.
They are moving into berries and other crops with a seed library with over 500 entries along with their data science fueling their algos put in action by the bots. Their merger with Spring Valley ( SV ) will give them $347,000,000 which they will use to super charge their growth and cement their position as a leader in the industry.
I have several sets of PTs 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 3 year
Month: Bullish Neutral Bearish Yolo
3 Month 15-18 15 13 20
6 month 18-19 16 15 25
1 year 20-23 18 16 28
3 year 25-27 20 17 35