KUCOIN:SXPUSDT   Swipe / Tether
-Watch for restest of horizontal support
-Target $4.19 as first target( sell initial investments)
-Watch for succesful retest of D1 resistance or purple trendline and add to positions
-Target trendline resistance as second target ($6.5+)

As we know, I put out a trade idea for SXP recently saying it could reach $20 this cycle and $89 in the long term.
However, Bitcoin seems to have crashed that party and had our idea invalidated/delayed in the process.
Not to worry. In this Idea I will show you levels I'm still watching for the "dinosaur coin" (as one of my comrades would describe it)

Diving into the chart above, we can see that SXP has strong resistance at the $3 level and $4.19 level and even got rejected several times at those levels, but i failed to point that out in my last analysis(which is linked below btw).
Furthermore, we seem to have formed a strong support level at the $1.27-1.3 area with multiple wicks below.
Looking at the dotted trendline (our major trendline when plotted on a log scale) seems to be where price bounced off most of the time, but now it has been breached due to recent events. Plotting a second trend line on a regular scale (lower black trendline), we see price seems to have formed a new trend support and aligns perfectly with our support region @$1.3 levels.

Zooming in, we can also notice that a range has been formed within our resistance and support levels ($1.27-$4.19).
Also everytime we touched the lower trendline, we managed to make it back to the higher resistance trendline at ath levels, but the move back in may only touched horizontal support and not the lower trendline, hence $4.19 coming into play for rejection.

Main Trade Idea:
Watch for a retest of the $1.3 area(or enter now if it suits you) and Target $4.19 as the first target to sell half of your holdings or your initial investments (whichever one you prefer) and target trend resistance as the second target (around $6.5)
On reaching the first target, you can watch for a retest of the D1 resistance and see if we get and S/R slip there to add to your positions, or wait for a retest of the purple trendline breakout.

As always, if you agree with this idea, comments and likes are a great feedback.
Trade active: Binance has recently announced they will acquire outstanding shares of Swipe on their twitter page and Current CEO, Joselito to step down.
Swipe twitter page followed up with an announcement saying it will be fully acquired by Binance and CEO, Joselito to step down.


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