Syscoin Gains Momentum | Next/High Targets Mapped (144%/215%)

BINANCE:SYSBTC   Syscoin / Bitcoin
Syscoin ( SYSBTC ) is now gaining bullish momentum so we can direct our focus to the next targets.

The 0.786 Fib. extension was hit today, so on the next move, we aim at the black dashed line (0.00000453).

If this level can be conquered, we look at 0.00000610 followed by 0.00000863 for up to 144% in potential profits... Much more is possible mid-term for Syscoin ( SYSBTC ).

If you want to look at the indicators and chart signals, check my previous analysis below | Jan. 1, 2020:
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Comment: Up to 72% hit...
More to come.
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