TALLINK GRUPP (TAL1T) - A Possible 15% Growth Potential


This idea post is meant more for my Estonian followers, if there are any, but if you are not from EST then don't be afraid to invest in the Estonian economy ;)

AS Tallink Grupp is the leading European ferry operator, offering high-quality mini-cruise and passenger transport services in the Baltic Sea region as well as a leading provider of ro-ro cargo services on selected routes. The Group provides its services on a total of seven routes between Finland and Sweden, Estonia and Finland, Estonia and Sweden, and Latvia and Sweden under the brand names of “Tallink” and “Silja Line” and we are the market leader in all our main routes. The Group has a fleet of 14 vessels – this includes cruise ferries, high-speed ro-pax ferries and ro-ro cargo vessels. In addition, the Group operates three hotels in Tallinn and one in Riga.

Technically, the price has started to approach pretty strong support level . The marked area has printed several yearly highs and yearly lows. Also, we have a solid seasonal tendency - from September to December or to end of the year, it has shown solid gains.

Let's talk about technical criteria which make this marked green area strong enough to produce mid-term reversals:

1. The trendline since 2009. Waiting for a third touch which should act as a support level .
2. The middle number 0.900 should act as support.
3. Different Fibonacci retracement levels make the green area stronger
4. Monthly EMA100
5. Fibonacci Extension level is pointed to the green price zone.
6. The marked area is historically worked support and resistance level
7. 2011, 2012 & 2014 high
8. 2017 low
9. Seasonal tendency

Technically a good entry area stays 0.85 - 0.91
The major mid-term target is around the round number 1.000

The information provided is not financial advice, it is a pure technical price zone and it doesn't include fundamental analysis . Always do your own research!

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